Python Programming For Fun

Chris Myers has a nice selection of short intermediate-level Python programs and tutorials for Python programmers interested in enhancing their skills in the language, and having a better understanding of recursion and object-oriented programming. We have done quite a few pointer posts to Python resources and tutorials for beginners especially over the years here at […]

Optimizing Python With Jython

Being interpreted and dynamic, Python is generally not as fast as compiled languages. Here is a technique for optimizing Python by way of Jython, including reasons why you’d want to use Java to implement some parts of your Python program and exactly how to write an extension in Java. Has anybody else heard of Jython before? […]

Python Internals

If you’re a Python programmer or have an interest in the language take a look at this well-written article on Python internals, the first of a series, from Yaniv Aknin. The article starts with a higher-level view of what’s going on when you type $ python -c ‘print(“Hello, world!”)’,  and it goes on from there. Aknin […]

Python Classes

Google has taken the intensive two-day Python class that they offer internally to employees with very little programming experience (I didn’t know they hired people like that–chefs and masseuses perhaps?), and put it here for free under the Creative Commons attribution 2.5 license. The class covers installing Python on your computer through text files, processes, and […]

Like, Python

Have you always secretly harbored a resentment over having to use the syntax that Python forces you to use, in order to make a living and earn the money that you need to go and party it up with your homeboys on the weekend? Like, Python will totally help you with that. Now you can […]

DreamPie Python Shell

Frustrated with what he saw as limitations of IDLE, Python programmer Noam Yorav-Raphael created DreamPie, a Python Shell that he claims is a new kind of interactive shell, combining the best features of IDLE, IPython and the Python shell. The window is divided into the ‘history box’, for viewing previous commands/output, and a ‘code box’, […]

Intro To IronPython

Here’s an introductory video on IronPython, open source .NET implementation of Python which allows those programming in Python the benefits of the .NET libraries while still being able to maintain compatibility with CPython.  With the popularity of Python it might not be a complete surprise that there is now this implementation for .NET,  and I […]

Sikuli- A Graphical Scripting Language

Lots of time is saved by automating repetitive tasks with scripts, but there has always been a learning curve associated with using them, much less creating them. The Sikuli graphical scripting language, a fascinating bit of tech created at MIT, enables programming using GUI screenshots rather than lines of code. Check the screencast showing automation […]

Make Games, Learn Python

We have done posts on how to make a video game for kids before, and we have done a slew of posts on python in the last several years, but here is a way to teach kids how to create their own very simple video games, like Tic Tac Toe and Hangman and learn python […]

Learn Python and Django

Will Python and Django become the next hot languages for web developers? With Google’s recent App Engine announcement the spotlight is certainly shinning bright on this scripting language and web application framework.   The Atomeo blog has a great post to get you ready for Google Apps Engine by Learning Python and Django. These are exciting times […]

Evaluation – Rails vs Django

Rails vs Django is a nice evaluation of the two most popular web application frameworks. Rails uses the Ruby scripting language while Django uses the Python scripting language. Both are very capable and offer a unique set of features. This evaluation shows you how long it took to write the application and compares the lines […]

Build a To-do List in Django

If you’re looking to give the Django Python web framework a try, here is a nice 30 minute screencast that will show you how to Build a To-do List.  Hopefully you’re already aware of site point as a source of some of the very best tutorials and other resources on programming languages, frameworks and techniques […]