Improving Ruby On Rails Performance

From the excellent developerWorks series by IBM, David Berube has a new article about speeding up Ruby on Rails, from detecting issues with performance to an explanation of the N+1 query problem, solutions to nested eager-loading and indirect eager-loading, performing grouping calculations correctly and touching on Custom SQL with Rails. Digital Media Minute was one […]

Upgrade To Rails 3: The Video

Geoffrey Grosenbach walks us through a 25 minute upgrade of a his news screenshot site, formerly a Rails 2 app, to Rails 3, in a PeepCode screencast. Here come the Rails 3 upgrades! On a related note, isn’t it interesting the way that more and more tutorials online are making use of video to quickly […]

Coldfusion Vs Rails

I ran across what seems to me to be a very even-handed evaluation of Coldfusion vs Rails from Neil Middleton. Lots of good value in the comments too. We’ve posted on the Rails vs Coldfusion debate before, but Neil’s post is recent, from May 2009. As I say, don’t miss the lively discussion in the […]

Rails 3 Webcast

Yehuda Katz will give a free webcast on Rails 3 on Friday, May 22 at 10 AM PST. Expect an overview of new features in Rails 3.0 including the merging of Merb into Rails, and he’ll answer questions afterwards. How terrific is it that one of the authorities of Rails can be heard for free […]