How to Move a Subversion Repository

I recently had to move our main Subversion repository to a new server the other day, so I thought I would pass along this quick how-to. To move a Subversion repository from one system to another you only have to enter a couple of easy subversion commands. To start, go to the source system and […]

Understanding Git With Gitk Tutorial

Joshua Flanagan at Los Techies has a really excellent 2-part tutorial to look at if you want to understand git, starting you at the beginning with creating a branch and making commits in this article. Part two is on understanding merge and rebase with gitk. We are doing more and more articles on Git because […]

Notepad++ Subversion Plugin

If you use Notepad++ and Subversion and are doing a project where a lot of commits are required, and you’d like to reduce the amount of time you spend going back and forth between Notepad++ and Windows Explorer to commit changes, check out the Subversion plugin for Notepad++, over at Updates have the plugin […]

Git vs Subversion

Far be it from me to wade into any Subversion vs Git debate, but from the have-your-Git-and-eat-it-too department, here’s a nice little tip from Neil Middleton about using Git as a subversion client via git-svn. I suppose we can expect this debate to evolve over the coming years, as the intricacies of the technologies associated […]

Subversion Forum And User Community

Digital Media Minute has done a ton of posts on subversion over the years, including a pretty well-received post on how to move a subversion repository— in that vein, in case you haven’t heard yet, another idea whose time has come: the WANdisco Subversion Community, just a few weeks old, aims to be a-one-stop solution […]

Subversion Vs. Git

Over at Carsonified, Git evangelist Scott Chacon gives us his reasons why you should make the switch to Git if you are presently using Subversion, touching on branching and merging, Heroku, staging areas, and even beer. Well, beer applies to almost everything if you look at it correctly, no? I think I pointed to a […]

RSS And Subversion (for Mac OS X)

If you have an active Subversion repository with a few users, you may be interested in this article that will show you how to Server your Subversion activity as an RSS feed. The instructions are for OSX, but I’m sure with a bit of modification, it would work fine on any UNIX based OS. What […]

Beginning with Subversion on Windows

James Higgs has put together a really nice series of articles that will help you get up and running with the Subversion open source version control system.  You have known for a while that if you are not yet conversant with subversion, the day is going to come when you need to be. Rather than […]