Program Web Games With These Javascript Tools

If you’re a developer interested in expanding your game-programming toolbox, here’s a nice list of javascript game development tools, platforms and game engines from, with plenty of links to demos. This is one of the most comprehensive game development tool resources specific to JavaScript that I have ever seen. Chances are if you use […]

Mac Widgets For Web Designers

Here is a pretty lengthy list of dashboard widgets for developers and web designers who work on the Mac platform. I was not aware of Image Shackle and ColourMod; take a look to see if any of these will make your professional life easier. We have done many, many lists of Firefox extensions that can […]

Tools For Web Designers

We haven’t done any pointer posts to developer tools and utilities for Mac lately, so here is a nice list of 11 free tools for web designers working on Mac OS X, from The Next Web. If you are inclined to share any useful development tools that you have run across in the last several […]

Google’s Person Finder For Japan

As I write this, Kyodo news agency is saying that more than 88,000 people are missing after the earthquake and tidal wave that hit Japan today. The number is completely obscene and I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about this profound tragedy.  I will give credit to accompany like Google however, which […]

Wireframe Mockup Apps Review

Almost every project is iterative and collaborative, so tools that help us quickly evolve the look and functionality of app designs are becoming more relevant,  Especially since more and more of us work with people who are located in the same building or even on the same continent sometimes. Luckily the mockups help us to […]

Git Wiki

Here’s a great Git resource from Evgeny Goldin, a big comprehensive Git Wiki, with links, sample code, illustrations and detailed explanations. Goldin has done many good articles on Git over the  years that I have pointed to here on Digital Media Minute so he’s the perfect person to put together a big wiki like this. […]

Chrome ‘Highlight To Search’ Extension

Here’s another small reason to install Chrome if you haven’t already, and something you’ll probably find useful if you have. This new extension for Chrome lets you do a search on any word on a page simply by highlighting it; no right-click, no copy/paste into a search box. A magnifier icon pops up and if […]

Making Notes On The Web:

I’ve tried several applications over the years to enable me to do the web equivalent of making notes in the margins of a book, and I’ve never found one that I like enough to use frequently, until now. A very cool and useful little tool called which lets me–yes–markup web pages and with two […]

Digital Tool Design Philosopy With Brian Eno

The trouble begins with a design philosophy that equates “more options” with “greater freedom.” Thoughts on audio production tool design extend easily to software design when you are Brian Eno, as in this short piece from the Wired archives, and any UI or software designer should give it a read the next time he’s tempted […]

Voice Recognition Typing

In this short series on voice-activated typing software, I started by going over my initial thoughts on whether or not I needed it, as well as my hesitation because of the price. I also had serious doubts about voice-recognition typing because “keyboard recognition typing” had worked for me for 20 years, albeit uncomfortably. As someone […]

Code Highlighter

Here is a short list of code highlighters, just to have a few choices in one place for when the day comes that I want to run a systematic comparison of them all. In the meantime I’d very much appreciate any opinions of these, or any reader favorites. Simply enter your code into the Quick […]

Tools For Web Designers

Here’s a list of 50 open source tools for web designers. I don’t know about you but I always like to see if there’s anything that I might use to fill gaps in my toolbox, especially as things change so quickly and new tools are created all the time.  this is a particularly rich resource […]

Web Design Helpers

This is what bookmark functionality was created for. From Dominick Gatto, here’s a large list of resources that will help web designers do all the relatively simple, less exciting stuff that webpages need. You have Background Generators, Miscellaneous Image Generators, Favicon Generators, Color Generators, Flash Generators, CSS Generators, Email Generators, Form Generators, Text Generators. Very […]

AutoLink User Script

AutoLink from Jesse Ruderman is a Greasemonkey User Script that will turn plain text links like [email protected] into clickable links. All the reservations that developers have been voicing recently about using Greasemonkey scripts aside, this looks like a pretty nifty tool, and Ruderman supplies you with an example code snippet that will help you […]

Textarea Tools

Textarea tools is a nice collection of JavaScripts that dramatically enhance the usability of HTML textarea form fields. With the scripts you can: add textarea resize buttons add font size buttons add word count information limit the characters entered I am always on the lookout for JavaScripts that provide us with myriad lightweight methods for […]