Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

A former student asked me a few days ago how I learned Ruby on Rails. The answer was that I simply read alot of great tutorials. So in the spirit of sharing, here are the 12 tutorials that I found most useful: Rolling with Ruby on Rails – Curtis Hibbs of offers his first […]

Setting Up An RSS Feed-Screencast Tutorial

Few regular readers to Digital Media Minute will need a tutorial on how to set up an RSS feed using Google Reader, but I don’t see why the scope of this site can’t include tips for the less tech-savvy among us. As I have a friend who is not yet even aware of what a […]

Fast Git Installation

Here’s a very nice screencast covering how to install Git on Windows and OS X, from ThinkVitamin. These guys have a whole library of video tutorials, and are definitely worth bookmarking for later reference when you have a desire for some good-quality online education. You see more and more of these screen casts and I […]

Guide To Porting Flash To Corona SDK

If you are a developer with Flash experience interested in creating iPad and iPhone apps for instance, take a look at this guide to porting Flash to Corona SDK.  It has been very awkward not having flash on these popular Apple devices and not surprisingly many flash developers are downright angry at Apple for refusing […]

Learning Ruby

If someone you know is looking for a starting point to learn programming generally or Ruby specifically, here’s a great place to point them. Hackety Hack will help them learn to create web and desktop applications using Ruby and a set of GUI tools called Shoes. Especially if one is new to programming and graphic […]

Awesome List Of Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

Adobe Fireworks, the bitmap and vector graphics editor is useful for quickly making prototypes of websites and app interfaces. This list of Fireworks tutorials caught my eye, and it contains tutorials meant for all users from beginning to advanced.  This is a terrific place to start if you’ve been toying with the idea of diving […]

Building A Web Server On Your Own VPS

In case you’re not aware, Sitepoint is a great place to find very good quality free tutorials–check out this one on how to build a speedy custom web server for your WordPress websites, using Ubuntu, nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL. Very handy if you’re considering making the move to a virtual private server. For years now […]

Java Steganography

Steganography differs from cryptography in that the latter is concerned with transforming data to conceal the information contained by it, while steganography is about hiding messages inside other information. If this piques your interest, take a look at this outstanding tutorial on Steganography in Java. I know my wife hides things in plain sight from […]

Mod_pagespeed Tutorial: Reduce Page Load Times

Whether you know it or not, if you have a website you’re interested in page load times, both to improve user experience for your readers and to avoid potentially getting dinged by Google. The amount of time it takes a page to load has a bearing on how well Google indexes the page, so if […]

Groovy Tutorial For Beginners

Here’s a lucid, fairly lengthy tutorial on Groovy, covering basic Groovy constructs with emphasis on comparisons with Java. The author admits that he won’t be getting too deeply into Groovy, that he is trying to give a more broad overview for people who are just starting to get familiar with Groovy code.  It covers topics […]

Git Beginner’s Tutorial

We’ve done several posts on Git here at Digital Media Minute, including Git tutorials, and how to clone remote branches using Git, but Mark Cipolla over at Sitepoint point has a really excellent tutorial on Git for web designers that will get you up to speed if you have zero experience with Git. He covers […]

Distance Finder: Google Maps API Tutorial

Here’s a nice two-part tutorial on using the Google Maps API to build yourself a distance finder for a website. Part two explains how to build functionality to allow the user to choose different kinds of routes depending on their mode of transportation and also make drag-able markers where the distance between two points is […]

Optimizing Python With Jython

Being interpreted and dynamic, Python is generally not as fast as compiled languages. Here is a technique for optimizing Python by way of Jython, including reasons why you’d want to use Java to implement some parts of your Python program and exactly how to write an extension in Java. Has anybody else heard of Jython before? […]

How To Create A Register Form For Your WordPress Site

Here is a nice little start-to-finish tutorial from Nettuts for creating a register form for your WordPress site, covering the markup, the CSS, jQuery and the WordPress code. We are starting to run across paid-for solutions for registration forms that are almost as easy to insert into your site’s code as a blog post, but […]

Best 8 Groovy Tutorial List

Groovy is a dynamic programming language for the JVM that combines Java’s enterprise capabilities with productivity features like closures, builders, dynamic typing and meta-programming. It can either be interpreted or compiled and you can add new methods to classes dynamically at run time, with greater flexibility than standard Java offers. There seems to be an […]