Check Your App Permissions Easily

As time goes on you’re aware that you’ve given permission to various apps to access information tied to online accounts you have with services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Linked In, Instagram and Flickr, and possibly others. If you’re like me you can name only a few applications for which you have registered […]

Real Life As Twitter and Facebook

Life imitates Twitter and Facebook in this funny video. Surely we aren’t generally as pitiful as the poor fool in this comedic short by Nico Muhly, but to the extent that we look for validation based on the number of Twitter followers we have or Facebook friends, we might risk becoming so. I would suggest […]

Twitter Plus Evernote-It Is Time

I haven’t found an information management tool that works as well for me as Evernote does, and I’m using it more and more these days. I linked one of my Twitter accounts to my Evernote account a few days ago so that I can very easily send interesting tweets directly to it. It only took […]

Is Post-Post The Best Way To Search Twitter?

Google recently rolled out its new +1 feature in the hope of adding a social dimension to its search results. Who knows if it will work, but part of the idea is that you can now see whether people you know have recommended sites you see in search results. You can’t fault Google for trying […]

Twitter Re-imagined

So Jack’s back at Twitter. His stated priority is product development, which is exactly as it should be. His goal should be to make the technology transparent, to make it ‘disappear’ essentially so that the user benefits from it as infrastructure without having to think at all about it or ‘operate it’ separately, like the […]

Fastest Tweet Tool Ever?

The Twitter for Mac app is sitting at #2 in the free app section of the App Store, and if you have it installed you’re probably going to want to give the Twitter for Mac bookmarklet a try. Once you drag it to your browser toolbar, all you do when you’d like to Tweet the […]

Twitter For SEO

You might very well find yourself visiting a website as the result of a tweet from a friend, but will the value your friend sees in the site be reflected by the same sort of incremental credit that is accorded to it by search engines if he links to it from his blog? Specifically, do […]

A World Of Tweets, Visualized

Just for fun, check out this very cool visualization of all the world’s tweets at A World Of Tweets from Frog Design. The technology behind it is a combination of HTML5, cloud computing and the Twitter streaming API. Since the project started on Nov. 1, 2010, Indonesia has a firm grip on second place in […]

Firesheep: HTTP Session Hijacking For All

So here’s today’s holy-sh^t moment: the new Firesheep extension for Firefox that enables even your 4-year-old nephew to augment his income by blackmailing you after HTTP session hijacking via an open wireless network into your Facebook or Twitter accounts. The extension also identifies cookies from, Basecamp, Foursquare, Gowalla,, Cisco, CNET, Dropbox, Enom, Evernote, […]

Predictions From Twitter Data

Surprise, surprise: as data streams from Internet searches and Twitter rise in quantity, correlations are being found between collective ‘social moods’ as culled or translated from all this data and other things happening in the ‘real world’. Check out this article from Wired on how researchers, using about 10 million tweets over a several month […]

The Personal Magazine

Tech innovation: if you are a consumer you love the seductive ways all the pieces keep getting re-combined into cool products and applications. If your company is profiting from the status quo you probably wonder if you’ll be made obsolete tomorrow. Here’s today’s gem of disruptive innovation: a ‘personal magazine’ in the form of the […]

Digital Gold Rush: Mining Twitter

Dan Zambonini needed a way to automatically classify incoming tweets regarding customer service simply as positive or negative. He shares how he used naïve Bayesian classification and a couple of PHP classes, removed ‘noise words’ and created an interface that pulls tweets from Twitter. Further tweet tweaks improved the results, and he ended up with […]

Digital Government

The title of the NYT article is “Digital Diplomacy”, but it’s really about how Twitter, etc. is completely changing the way the US government gets its message out, and how right now simply increasing dialogue and engaging constituents-of either party-through technology is as vital as the specific message. “A lot of the 21st-century dynamics are […]

Fail Whale Workaround

Have you heard of Cliqset? Among other things it caches all of your Twitter content so that when the Fail Whale rears his ugly tail it, your content, will still be accessible. Cliqset supports 80 other social sites too (Foursquare, Facebook, Flickr, etc.), though I’d imagine Twitter coverage is the real draw here, as familiar […]

How Twitter Lists Can Kill Google

The title ‘Twitter Lists And Electric Implications Thereof’ was much too pretentious, so I toned it down. Twitter Lists… Tweets and retweets from out of the blue from folks that you follow will broaden your awareness, but they are hardly comprehensive. You might choose to follow someone new to you based on a thoughtful post […]