Usability Services Made Easy

Web design involves a degree of guesswork. Your experienced eye might be pleased with the look and functionality of your site, but can you really be sure that you have ordered it in such a way to a easily enable a user to extract information and overall value, or to nudge them toward a specific […]

UI Guidelines For Mobile Devices

If you are a mobile web application designer here is your bookmark of the week as far as I am concerned. has a handy list of user interface guidelines for mobile and tablet web applications for devices using/from companies like Apple, RIM (Blackberry), Android, Motorola, Nokia, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Sony Erikson, and others. No […]

Gorgeous Treemap Example

You may have seen, but Marcos Weskamp’s Newsmap takes the concept of a visual news aggregator even further, with a stunning treemap representation of the Google News aggregator and the ability to filter by country, news category and timeliness. Each cell is sized based on how much coverage it is currently getting; this has […]

Digital Tool Design Philosopy With Brian Eno

The trouble begins with a design philosophy that equates “more options” with “greater freedom.” Thoughts on audio production tool design extend easily to software design when you are Brian Eno, as in this short piece from the Wired archives, and any UI or software designer should give it a read the next time he’s tempted […]

Web User Interface Resources

Here is a nice listing of 10 free web user interface resources from Mashable, including control buttons and icons, sketching and wireframing kits, browser and form elements, stencils, etc. I know that the most Web designers and Web programmers will already have many bookmarks leading to lists of resources for  helping to make their jobs […]

Silverlight 4 And The BackgroundWorker Object

When using Silverlight 4 and the Entity Framework the BackgroundWorker object is an excellent way, when carrying out long-running tasks on the client or server by way of service calls and putting these operations on a background thread, to avoid having your UI hang. Jim Jackson has a well-written post on using the BackgroundWorker in […]

World Cup Schedule-Fantastic Web Design And Graphic!

Design-wise, here is the best-looking World Cup schedule site I’ve seen on the web, covering the schedule of each team, the games to be played at each stadium/city, an overview of each group and stage, and the entire World Cup schedule, all in one gorgeous graphic. What a stunning piece of website design. This also […]

Closed Platform Benefits

Okay, okay this may not be much of an argument for a closed platform; the ergonomics of the iPad’s tablet form factor might be why this young lady finds her device user friendly. It’s a nice video anyway. The money shot for me is, “Where’s the comma?!” (spoiler alert: she finds it) By the way, […]

Prefab-‘Pixel-Based Reverse Engineering Of Interfaces’

Hey ah, what if you could add new functionality to software, as though Photoshop and iTunes were open source?  Maybe you should take a minute to read that last sentence again. Take a look at this video of Prefab, “a system that enables a wide variety of applications based on pixel-based reverse engineering of interfaces, […]

iPad UI Design Thoughts

Absolutely fantastic long article on user interface design for iPad applications from Matt Gemmell. Covers UI conventions and functional and aesthetic considerations that you should keep in mind if you want to create iPad apps (much of it is relevant to tablet devices per se), such as: differences in designing for iPad vs iPhone, using […]

Applications As Games

MS Office as a video game? UI truism “Don’t make me think!” is too simplistic? Game designer Danc over at has a thoughtful post about how game design will improve application design. Oh yeah, Ribbon Hero is the name of the aforementioned video game, available as a download from Microsoft, that will transform using […]

Voice Typing Soon To Be Obsolete?

I find this incredible. It was never really clear to me, reading William Gibson or Neal Stephenson, how we were going to create a direct interface between the brain and a computer. Sure, we’d insert a stimsim and it would just work– but how? Well we’re doing it now, and I’m not talking electrodes on […]

Stripes, Interesting UI Design

Take a look at Stripes, a conceptual user interface by Martin Gimpl. Like Chrome OS with its zoomable window management model, but without Chrome’s tabs. As Gimple says, the role of the modern computer has changed so much in the last 20 or 30 years that it might well be time to re-think it. Power […]

GUI by Microsoft-Breathtaking

Microsoft’s head of research and strategy Craig Mundie is doing the “Microsoft College Tour ’09”, and here he shows what I would call a must-see demo of a user interface being developed by Microsoft that accepts input from voice and pen, but also can interpret gestures and even eye-tracking. This video shows how eye tracking […]

Simplicity In Interface Design

Feel like a little user interface inspiration on a Friday? Take a look at this representation of relative sizes of a coffee bean down to a carbon atom, controlled by the user with a slider. Talk about form and function working together. I’m sure you can find more elegant Flash presentations that are this educational […]