Marketing Your New Website

Rand Fishkin of SEO Moz is one of the most respected names in SEO out there, and he’s got a typically excellent list of things you can do if you are about to launch a website to get your web marketing and branding off to a good start, and the tools you can use to […]

Mass Video Conversion Using Amazon Web Services

I love this geeky stuff and the way that the Amazon Web Services Developer Connection is beginning to reach out to developers.  Their tutorial on Mass Video Conversion Using AWS will have running your own YouTube clone in no time at all using a mix of S3, SQS, EC2, ffmpeg and some Python. As the […]

JavaScript Wrapper for Bookmarks

Dishy is a simple JavaScript wrapper for that helps you integrate your bookmarks onto your website. Dishy makes use of JSON and some simple methods and properties to allow you to easily customize the look and feel of your bookmark list. This is valuable because if you’re like me you have such a long […]

Mounting Amazon S3 as a File System in Amazon EC2

The Amazon Web Services Developer Connection site has a great tutorial that will show you how to Mount Amazon S3 as a File System in Amazon EC2. S3 is Amazon’s distributed storage service and EC2 is their distributed, virtualized server solution. In the past it was difficult to have persistent storage in EC2, but now […]

Six Cool Things With OpenID

Simon Willison offers a list of Six cool things you can build with OpenID. There sure is a lot of real positive buzz with regards to OpenID. I am really looking forward to being able to use my OpenID account with more and more services. Like a lot of people probably, I currently have way […]

Badge Any RSS Feed With Yahoo! Pipes

Badger uses Yahoo! Pipes and JavaScript to create Web badges out of any RSS feed. One of the neat features of Pipes is its ability to sent output in JSON format. This allows you to use Pipes as a proxy for any type of data or mashup you can think of. What I can’t believe […]

Create your Master Feed with Yahoo! Pipes

The ever cleaver Gina Trapani from Lifehacker documents how to Create your master feed with Yahoo! Pipes. What is your master feed? Well is is an aggregation of your feeds from all your social networking sites like Flickr,, or any other site that provides you with an RSS feed of your activities. This is […]

Building a Web Application with Ruby on Rails and Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services Developer Connection is starting to gather a great collection of tutorials for using their amazing web services. Building a Web Application with Ruby on Rails and Amazon S3 is one that caught my eye. It is full of short examples that shows virtually every part of the S3 service and how to […]

Mash the Web with Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes looks like a product that could change the way web designers and developers consume and user RSS. Pipes are a familiar terminology if you have ever done any Unix command line work. Pipes in Unix-land allow you to route the output of one tool into the input of another tool. The pipe character […]

Setting up and Running Amazon EC2

The Amazon Web Services Developer Connection has an 18 minute screencast that will show you how to Set up and Run Amazon EC2 from Windows. EC2 is Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud web service. With EC2 you can setup and run your own virtual server for less than $80 per month. It is pretty clear to […]

Amazon S3 Firefox Organizer

S3 Firefox Organizer is a Firefox extension that will let you transfer files to and from your Amazon S3 account. The UI is pretty simple and works quite well. My only beef with is that the extension does a poor job of representing folders on your S3 account. I suppose this is an example of […]

Google Reader API

This is a bit older but interesting nonetheless. Niall Kennedy discovered that Google is about to release a Google Reader API. This is interesting in the fact that you can build your own RSS reader using Google’s API as the backed for your application. Niall has quite a few examples on how to use this […]

Tagging with the Yahoo! and Tagyu API’s

FiftyfourEleven has a great tutorial that will show you how to use two webservices to add tags to your content. The two part tutorial will show you how to access Yahoo!s and/or Tagyu’s tagging API’s. They are simple services that will recommend tags based on the content that you provide it. In Part 1 you […]

Amazon Grid Storage Web Service

Michael Arrington from TechCrunch has a good summary of the new Amazon  Grid Storage Web Service.  In a nutshell this new service from the number one online bookseller, provides web developers with a very inexpensive ($.15/GB of storage) online storage system that can be accessed using both REST and SOAP.  The idea is that Amazon […]

Geo-Names Webservice

Geo-Names provides free geo-data such as geographical names and postal codes. The database contains over 6 million entries for geographical names and the whereof 2.2 million cities and villages worldwide. The service can be accessed through an webservice API or you can download and use their data to host on your own database server.  I […]