Web Design Tips On Interactivity and Animation

Smashing Magazine has a nice article on using animations and interactivity in your website design with instructions including code snippets for four very cool effects, using CSS3 transitions, animations with canvas and with SVG, and using HTML with JavaScript.  As far as we’ve come from building websites that feature predominantly text as a way of […]

Web Standards Resources

With the idea that there’s value in having pointers to information in one place, here’s a comprehensive list of places to which web designers can refer to get and stay informed about web standards. Definitely worth a bookmark, you’ll find online and published web design resources, relevant blogs and events. I would probably go so […]

10K Apart Challenge Contest Results: Tiny, Incredible Web Apps!

Wow: the 10K Apart Challenge was created by An Event Apart and MIX Online to showcase the possibilities of modern web standards, by asking for competitors to submit their most amazing web applications under 10 kilobytes. The winners are in and it’s worth your time to go check ’em out, there is some serious ingenuity […]

HTML5 3D Examples

Check out this great gallery of websites featuring the 3D functionality of HTML5. If this one doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will. I have often linked to galleries in the past that feature websites created with Flash, CSS3, or any number of other technologies, because I think there’s value in observing what […]

Dave Shea Speaking in Victoria

Zen Master of the CSS Zen Garden, Dave Shea, will now be joining Derek Featherstone as a speaker at the next meeting of the Better Web Posse in Victoria. The evening will begin with Derek talking about “Accessible mapping with Google Maps” and then Dave will end with “Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Web […]

Making Your Own Adium Message Style

A (sort of) Quick Introduction to making your own Adium Message Style is a tutorial I am going to put on my todo list!  Adium is my favorite IM client for OSX and I just found out that you can customize and create your own themes using nothing but HTML and CSS (and a sprinkle […]

Rediscovering the Button Element

Kevin Hale from Particletree reminds us about Rediscovering the Button Element. I have to admit that I rarely use the button element, but after reading his article I think I’ll start to use it more. One perceived advantage is that it allows you to create buttons that render exactly the same across all platforms. Hey […]

Firefox Extension Provides GUI to Amazon’s EC2

EC2UI is a Firefox extension that provides a great GUI to manage your Amazon EC2 instances, AMIs, instances, keypairs, security groups and permissions. The extension is available here. Anyone makes regular use of Amazon’s EC2 functionality will want to seriously consider installing this Firefox add-on, and it is just another example of how well into the […]

Architecting CSS

Garrett Dimon has authored a great article for Digital Web Magazine regarding issues and techniques for Architecting CSS. Some topics covered include: File organization Rules & Selector Organization Redundancy vs. Dependency We haven’t done any CSS articles in quite some time and that’s a mistake because CSS has completely changed everything for web designers and […]

Next Vancouver Island Better Web Posse Meetup

The Better Web Posse is back and better than ever, with our next meeting Thursday, June 15! Hosted at one of the hottest web firms in Victoria BC, Number 41 Media (google map). Get the details at www.betterwebposse.com How to tell if you’re Posse stuff: You are an uber geek who needs to learn and […]

CSS 2.1 Reference Guide

From the creators of the fantastic Xyle Scope CSS debugging tool for OSX, comes a fantastic CSS 2.1 Reference. In my opinion this is the best reference available online. It’s very well organized and the interface is very snappy.  The value of this is absolutely incredible. If you compare it to the purchase of the […]

CSS Grids from Yahoo!

Yahoo! UI Library is now offering a collection of seven web page templates that generate Grids CSS. The templates offer the the ability to nest grids of one to four columns within the content area of those templates. This provides you with more than 100 page layouts with a single CSS file at just 1.82KB. […]

Inaugural Vancouver Island Web Standards Group Meeting

Inspired by groups like the WSG and Britpack, The Better Web Posse (ok, we might still be looking for another name) is holding their Inaugural Monthly Meetup at the Sticky Wicket Pub in Victoria on Thursday, May 11, 2006. The meetup is designed to bring together web designers, developers, and uber geeks with hopes in […]

A Designer’s Guide to Prototyping Ajax

The Particletree blog has a nice article titled – A Designer’s Guide to Prototyping Ajax – that walks you through a suggested process for developing prototypes of these new-fangled web applications. The article focuses on creating good wireframes using standards compliant XHTML and CSS. Kevin Hale writes very well and quite often about Ajax related […]

Dom Scripting Task Force

This is old news, but worth linking to and reading again. The DOM Scripting Task Force has published a DOM Scripting Manifesto that covers some important ideas and concepts around the scripting the DOM. Their blog is also excellent with lots of links to current trends in DOM Scripting. You’d do well to save this […]