Onesheet-Simple Social Media Aggregator For Bands

With Onesheet, Brenden Mulligan aims to create a way for bands to set up a web presence in under a minute. I think he succeeds spectacularly. Create a single-page site, connect it to third-party services you have for your band (ReverbNation, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.), and it automatically reflects all future updates to those services. The […]

Share Your Expertise-And Maybe Make A Little Cash-With Skillshare

We are surrounded by people who are authorities on one subject or another. Chances are that you yourself have expertise in a niche, and that there are people in your city or community that would love to spend an hour or two learning from you. Skillshare calls itself a ‘community marketplace’ that makes it very […]

UI Superman Brett Victor

You’d probably expect a fair bit out of a guy named Brett Victor. I visited his site to check out this bit of genius, a ‘scrubbing calculator‘ that enables you to do algebra without getting involved with any of those pesky variables. You want high concept and simplicity at the same time? Don’t miss it. […]

Getting Them To Appreciate Your Stuff

Whether or not you are a huge fan of Jerry Seinfeld, check out this interesting approach to adding perceived value to your content by only offering it for a limited period of time. Three clips from Seinfeld’s thirty-year career are offered each day, giving people a reason to put this site in their RSS feeds […]

Enjoy The Silence?

Antithesis seeps into the zeitgeist. It shouldn’t be a surprise that noise provokes a desire in us (eventually?) for quiet. It’s not hard now to find tools that help us engage quiet through the very gadgets that deliver experiences, entertainment and information that is enriching right up until the moment it becomes too much. There’s […]

Digital Gifts From FLOWmarket

The holidays are over, but brainstorming gifts digital and otherwise for friends and family who have everything is an ongoing challenge. These inspired products from FLOWmarket offers you ‘next generation luxury’ in the form of plain white cans containing Freedom, Happiness From Within, Letting Go, Patience, and assorted other qualities no doubt valued by that […]

Online Collaborative Travel Planner

A big gaping hole in a lot of mainstream travel sites like Expedia, Hotwired, etc. is that they are long on supplying infrastructure for me to book flights and hotels for my next trip, but very short on ideas for trips and reasons why I’d like to visit a particular destination. Kukunu is a new […]

Digital Trainspotting

Take a look at this interesting real-time train locator for the London Underground, using Google Maps and data from Transport for London. Has station arrival times and train IDs. Now if they only had comprehensive coverage on London trains themselves. Well not just the trains in London either; internet-access in public transport has become a […]

Chatroulette: Celebrate Your Anonymity

Have you heard of Chatroulette yet? Dreamed up by a 17-year-old Russian, it allows you to bounce as quickly as you want in a totally random way between other Chatroulette users in the world. The site is really just two windows, one showing you and the other showing your chat partner. If you want to […]

Your Best Shot

Here’s a format for user-generated content that is really brilliant. Don’t have users throw up 100 photos at a time, to be viewed as little more than thumbnails: have them pick one photo they are really proud of, add a brief caption, present it in the large format that it deserves, and you’ll end up […]