Functionality As Unique As You

“Our audience is the platform developers get access to,” says Cody Simms, senior director of product management for Yahoo’s Open Strategy initiative. So Yahoo is finally opening up to third-party developers, to encourage visitors to the ‘most popular home page in the world’ to embrace the idea of personalized functionality, just as they do on […]

Microhoo and Silverlight Penetration

One of the knocks I have heard against Silverlight has been around how long will it take Microsoft to obtain the same penetration as the Flash Player and if not how long, how will they do it? If Microsoft is able to acquire Yahoo!, it certainly puts them in a much better position to quickly […]

Dynamically Resize Yahoo! Map in Flex 2.0 Application

The topic around dynamically resizing Yahoo! Maps in Flex came up in the Yahoo! Flash Developer Group last week. At the same time, I had also been trying to solve this problem for a project I’m working on. At first this problem seemed quite mysterious. I could resize the map, but it was always resizing […]

YUI Team Hiring Engineer To Work on Firebug

Yahoo! likes Joe Hewitt’s Firebug extension for Firefox so much that the YUI Team Is Hiring an Engineer To Work on Firebug.  This is great news and hopefully will help Joe make this tool totally kick ass!  This is an example of what happens when you have created such a great product that it sinks […]

Badge Any RSS Feed With Yahoo! Pipes

Badger uses Yahoo! Pipes and JavaScript to create Web badges out of any RSS feed. One of the neat features of Pipes is its ability to sent output in JSON format. This allows you to use Pipes as a proxy for any type of data or mashup you can think of. What I can’t believe […]

Create your Master Feed with Yahoo! Pipes

The ever cleaver Gina Trapani from Lifehacker documents how to Create your master feed with Yahoo! Pipes. What is your master feed? Well is is an aggregation of your feeds from all your social networking sites like Flickr,, or any other site that provides you with an RSS feed of your activities. This is […]

Mash the Web with Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes looks like a product that could change the way web designers and developers consume and user RSS. Pipes are a familiar terminology if you have ever done any Unix command line work. Pipes in Unix-land allow you to route the output of one tool into the input of another tool. The pipe character […]

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! Unite to Support Sitemaps

Wow! Did I miss hell freezing over? Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! – the three major search engines – have United to Support Sitemaps. This can be nothing but good for web developers and content creators. As all web publishers and bloggers should know in 2006, Sitemaps are simple XML files that help search engines determine how […]

Yahoo! UI Library Cheatsheets

The Yahoo! UI Library is now offering PDF Cheetsheets for download. These are must have’s if you develop with these excellent JavaScript libraries. As you’d expect since they are coming from Yahoo! they are extremely simple to comprehend at a glance–which probably is requirement number for a cheat sheet–and I’d absolutely recommend downloading these, as […]

CSS Grids from Yahoo!

Yahoo! UI Library is now offering a collection of seven web page templates that generate Grids CSS. The templates offer the the ability to nest grids of one to four columns within the content area of those templates. This provides you with more than 100 page layouts with a single CSS file at just 1.82KB. […]

The Tech Buzz Game

The Yahoo! Buzz Game lets you put your (fantasy) money where your mouth is by buying stock in the technologies you believe will be popular and selling stock in the technologies you think will flop.  As you play this game, if you think you’re developing a talent for winning you could move right over to […]

Yahoo! PHP Developer Center

Yahoo! Developer Network is now offering a PHP Developer Center with many, many terrific examples of using PHP with JSON, REST and serialized PHP.  As you probably remember from your formal education, well-chosen examples can illustrate complex theory probably better than dozens of pages of explication. These programming examples are particularly first-class and if you […]

Help Googlers Subscribe to Your Feed

Google has provided a Add to Google button feature that can easily be integrated onto your blog or other site that offers RSS feeds. By placing an “Add to Google” button to your website your visitor will have an easier time adding you feed to their Google homepage or Google Reader. Not to be outdone, […]

Yahoo! JavaScript Developer Center

The Yahoo! Developer Network has just added a JavaScript Developer Center with tonnes of great examples on how to consume Yahoo!s Web Services using JavaScript. Most noteable, is the ability to access these API’s using the REST protocol and have the results returned as JSON objects, effectively removing the need for a Web Proxy.  Of […]

Searching for a Fresher Taste

Searching for a fresher taste offers brilliant insight on the importance of Yahoo!s recent purchase of and it’s impact on the future of search and social networks.  As a very heavy user of both for this site and in my own web browsing, I got a little bit nervous when I heard that Yahoo […]