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Hello my fellow geeks.

Even if you haven’t read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, chances are you’ve wondered how to take something a little longer than a vacation to recharge, or maybe think about a change in direction in your life. Let me ask you: what if you had boots-on-the-ground advice from a western expat living in Bali, Indonesia?

I’m not talking about giving you motivational speeches or a list of the cheapest guesthouses in 30 Asian cities. That’s not what you need to determine if an extended stay in Southeast Asia is something to seriously consider, or not for you.

Whether you’d like to examine the practicalities of a no-work sabbatical, a working vacation or seizing a chance to start over without having to count the days until the money runs out, my E-guide, Bali On The Cheap will expand the choices you currently think you have. My aim is to leave no question unanswered as to temporary or permanent relocation in Southeast Asia–using details specific to Bali–and by the end you’ll know exactly what to do to lay the groundwork before your arrival.

And who said I was qualified to write Bali On The Cheap?

After traveling in Asia for years I bought a place in Bali in 2005. More than anywhere I’ve been, Bali has the best combination of affordability, friendly locals, weather and beaches set amidst a backdrop of a still-living, exotic culture. The tourist industry is huge, and because of it there is infrastructure that makes life easier, safer, and more fun for expats too. In some ways it feels like a vacation every day here.

I’m not rich, so I’ve used the Internet to create multiple revenue streams, as the jargon goes. I make much less with my niche- and small-business websites and client SEO work than I used to, but it’s more than enough to live comfortably in Bali. I like this setup, especially the part about being my own boss, much better than what I used to do in cubicles in the US.

Recently I saw that I wasn’t making use of something that I possess that might be useful to some–not all–readers of Digital Media Minute. I’ve been answering questions for years from friends of friends, distant relatives and total strangers on airplanes about how one can make a new life in Southeast Asia. I like to think of it as leveraging the best aspects of both the so-called “developed” and “developing” worlds, earning Western wages while living inexpensively and very well. I can talk about the specifics for hours, about finding a place to live, what visa to get, how to spend less in Bali to extend a stay from weeks to months for the same money, and plenty more. But an E-Guide is a more efficient way to get the word out.

Not surprisingly, most questions I get about Bali tend toward expenses before anything else, so I’ve put everything I know about saving money in Bali into Bali On The Cheap. Here is the table of contents:

  • Who is this guide for?
  • Bali Budget Travel Overview
  • Visas
  • Accommodation
  • Where to Live
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Tips
  • Helpful Links To Help You Save In Bali

Bali On The Cheap is a 19-page PDF that includes plenty of detail for 2011, including current prices. You need specifics as you plan a budget and negotiate a good deal for a place to stay, for example.

Hit the “Add To Cart” button below. Find out all about saving money in Bali and take what might be the first step toward discovering a new life for yourself.

Oh and one more thing: if you are not satisfied with Bali On The Cheap I’ll give you a 100% refund. Simply email me at think_tom (@)

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