Got A Tip? Write For Us!

Digital Media Minute is always looking for tech tips and tools that make the lives of tech professionals easier, whether at work or at home.

Our only acceptance criteria for a tip is whether programmers, IT professionals, web developers/designers, application developers, etc. will find it useful. Even a sentence or two is fine.

Think it’s too obscure? Send it in. If you found it useful there are 100 other people who will, too. With 2,900+ posts, Digital Media Minute is the place for content like helpful tips and original tutorials on various programming languages, web design, mobile applications and 1000 other topics.

If we use your shorter tips we will naturally link back to you. We do pay for tutorials and longer articles that our readers will find relevant, but let’s discuss it first. Please contact me at think_tom (at) hotmail (dot) com, and don’t forget to include your URL so I can link back to you.

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