How To Increase The Quality Of Your Commercial Website

Web analytics guru Avinash Kaushik lists 11 ‘digital marketing crimes against humanity’ to avoid if you want to enhance the overall quality of your site for your readers. If you’re involved in running a commercial website this is a must read, but it’s great advice for anyone interested in enhancing the quality of their website […]

The Freedom Perspective

If we aren’t careful we can get into a melancholy rut of whining, procrastination and self-doubt, professionally and otherwise. Here’s a post from Jon Morrow, meant to be bookmarked and re-examined every time I need to be reminded that the majority of my limitations are of my own devising. That if the shifting sands of […]

Digital Media Minute-3000 Posts!

On June 17, 2003 Digital Media Minute published its first post, extolling the virtues of Mozilla Firebird. Almost 8 years later this website is still very much alive, with at least one new post every single day. This is Digital Media Minute’s 3,000th post, which if nothing else proves that when it comes to tech […]

Products For Pageviews Internet Joint Venture Forum

If you are a website owner/publisher looking for ways to better monetize your site, or a programmer/idea person with an aptitude for brainstorming and executing new product creation, Products for Pageviews is a site you should check out. Affiliate networks take a substantial portion of every transaction that occurs through an affiliate link on a […]

Building A Web Server On Your Own VPS

In case you’re not aware, Sitepoint is a great place to find very good quality free tutorials–check out this one on how to build a speedy custom web server for your WordPress websites, using Ubuntu, nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL. Very handy if you’re considering making the move to a virtual private server. For years now […]

Mod_pagespeed Tutorial: Reduce Page Load Times

Whether you know it or not, if you have a website you’re interested in page load times, both to improve user experience for your readers and to avoid potentially getting dinged by Google. The amount of time it takes a page to load has a bearing on how well Google indexes the page, so if […]

Bill Gates And SEO

So Bill Gates has a new blog, called The Gates Notes. Danny Sullivan at has some free SEO advice for Bill. This is pretty hard to believe: at the moment, every page on his site has the same title tag…seriously. It does read as superb introductory on-page search engine optimization advice for a beginner […]

Viviti Website Builder

Some good friends of mine have recently launched their latest web offering.  Viviti is a very slick and cool website builder that allows you to build websites and blogs using nothing but your browser, drag and drop and point and click!  They offer lots of really great features that make it simple to get your […]

Some Blogs I’m Enjoying

While this blog has been somewhat inactive, I thought I’d share some sites that I’ve been enjoying. Flex Examples is a nice blog that posts daily (and sometimes multi-daily) Flex tips and examples. What I really like about this site, is that each post concisely solves a problem using Flex. Check out the archives, there […]

The Blog is the New Resume

The Blog is the New Resume – I’ve seen a few posts like this one lately, and I couldn’t agree more!  Resumes are usually simple one or two page summaries of your life experience, where a blog shows your ability to communicate, engage and reveal your passion. In fact my last three opportunities have come […]

WordPress Stats Plugin

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can now have the same Stats Plugin that is available at the hosted blogging service. Although it’s not quite as nice as Mint, it does contain the most important stats for tracking visitors to your site. They should help to satisfy a lot of people who […]

Mapping Candy for your Blog

Are you statisfied is a really fun little script that shows you in real-time where people are visiting your blog from.  Simply add a small JavaScript snippet anywhere in your blog template and you can visually track your location based hits. You can check out my blogs activity at This is so easy-to-use that […]

Blogger does Custom Domains

I’ve never used Blogger in the past mainly because they never supported TLD’s. However it looks like they now allow the usage of custom domains with their service. I think I’ll stick with my WordPress install for now, but this may be a good option for those of you thinking of starting your own blog! […]

25 Steps to Launching Your Blog

Half way through December and it’s time to start thinking about what your New Years resolutions might be. If one of them ends up being starting a blog, you might want to check out this article titled – 25 Steps to Launching Your Blog and Making $100+ A Month in 30 Days. Although it is […]

Top 6 Ways to Tip Your Favorite Blogger

At Christmas time, I tend to be a little extra generous when tipping those who give me great service throughout the year. From my barber to barista they get a little extra change to make their holidays a little more enjoyable. But how do you tip your favourite blogger? Well here are some simple suggestions: […]