Is This The Beginning Of The End For Phone Batteries?

As exciting as advances in battery technology have been lately–not least because of the efforts of Elon Musk, his Powerwall, and the Gigafactory in Nevada–a new glass created by MIT spinoff Ubiquitous Energy promises (threatens?) to turn current power-storage paradigms of their head. The key here is the special organic coating of that absorbs light […]

Portable IMac Solution

If you’re looking for a way to transport your iMac on an airplane, I have a solution for you that I’ve used many times since I bought my iMac G5 almost 5 years ago. If you’re heading someplace for more than a week or two you should know that iLugger makes it very easy to […]

Digital Audio To Analog Audio Converter

Wondering if any regular (or irregular) readers have recommendations for a digital to analog audio converter. I need a converter so I can run the two-channel digital audio signal coming from my DVD/CD setup to what you might call a ‘legacy’ sound system, despite the RCA-style analog outputs on my amp. I don’t get very […]

DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

Strobist has a quick DIY project that will help you create a $10 Macro Photo Studio. All you need is a cardboard box, some white tissue paper, some posterboard and a bright light and soon enough you’ll be taking some great still life photographs. I love photographic tips like this which both allow you to improve […]

DIY Macro Ring Light

If you’re into digital macro photography, you might want to look at building your own 48 LED macro ring-light. The article claims that it’s possible for less than $10! With this do-it-yourself project, you can build a special LED light that attaches to the lens of your consumer level digital camera. If you enjoy photography […]

Win an iPod!

I thought that the title of this post just might have caught your attention! Last week, I posted that the students in my Digital Media Technologies program are holding their Graduate Show in Victoria, British Columbia on May 1st. One of the door prizes will be a 15GB Apple iPod. So if you happen to […]

Turn you LCD Monitor into a TV

Have a spare LCD monitor kicking around? Xpert TV looks like a cool product that will turn your LCD monitor into a TV or Video Monitor. Okay, maybe you are thinking that with the advent of the Internet you have less need for television than you ever did. Still it’s nice to know that the […]

Low Cost iPods?

CNN reports that it looks like Apple will soon be unveiling lower-cost iPods. This shouldn’t be a total surprise as the usual path for a company who finds itself in possession of very hot product will usually be to start to differentiate it into a whole product line within a couple of years. Apple has […]