Flex and Paypal

Excellent Flex tutorial from Adobe Platform evangelist Miti Pricope on how to combine a Flex application running in Flash Player with PayPal Express Checkout. More than a tutorial, it’s a good little object lesson on things to consider in the planning stages of creating an app, ie security, appropriate architectural solutions and planning the UI. […]

Flex Background Colors

Here’s a Flex tip on changing default flex background colors: When you are using a different color background to the default one in Flex, there can be a slight delay when resizing the window for the new background color to catch up. Before it catches up, the old default color is displayed. To fix this […]

Flex Example

Here’s a Flex example for you. Picnik, the online photo editor built in Flex, just won a ‘Webware 100’ award from CNET. It’s a Flex application that I found absolutely jump-out-the window easy to use. I like to go into applications the first time and see how far I can get by just playing around; […]

Flex 3 Actionscript Examples

I was reading some Flex docs online the other night, and in the live docs section I noticed a link to where you could download the example scripts for many of the examples shown in the Flex docs. The zip file is available and contains some great Flex/AS projects including a Wiki Editor, Video Jukebox, Display […]

Flex Thumbnail Browser Component

Regular readers of my site have probably noticed that I have been an inactive blogger over the past couple of months. There’s a very good reason for this. Since starting my own consultancy, I have been very busy! I think I may actually be working for the first time in my life – and having […]

Open Source Flex Component Library

Flex 2.0 comes with a great set of essential components for building RIA’s, but if you have the craving for more top quality components, check out flexlib.  It is an excellent open-source component library at Google Code, that contains quite a few components that could be useful in your next Flex RIA.  As you build […]

10 Ways to Skin a Flex App

ScaleNine offers a list of 10 Ways to Skin a Flex App. There are lots of great links to resources for skinning your app from CSS to programmatic skinning to 9-slice. What a terrific resource this single webpage is for any developers who work with Flex 2. Even if you are interested in only relatively […]

Free Themes for Flex

ScaleNine (cool site name by the way) is offering free, high-quality Themes for your Flex 2 apps. There are currently 6 themes in the collection with more coming in the near future. Update: after quite a while I went back to take a look at how actively new skins and themes for Flex 2 are […]