Detect Theme And Plugins A WordPress Sites Uses

New WordPress plugins and themes are released constantly. As I was looking at different layout ideas for a new site I realized I was using a time-saving tool some people might not know about. To tell me quickly what WordPress theme and WordPress plugins a site is using I use Themestats. Even before you look […]

Lastpass Review (Just Get It)

Along with rants about Internet marketing I try to regularly include pointer posts to tools and utilities that have made my life easier, if not changed it entirely. Today’s humble pointer falls closer to ‘life changer’ than it does ‘makes life easier’ and actually I’m not kidding about that. Earlier today I was looking at […]

Fake Word Generator

Marc Liyanage has a neat web-based tool that allows you to Create Fake Words. This tool is handy when looking for a unique Top-Level Domain (like I did with  The need for new business names is on the rise because nowadays many “businesses” are little more than websites that fulfill a need in one […]

10 Excellent Offline Backup Solutions

A good offline backup solution is a smart idea in case you need to restore files when you don’t have an internet connection, or simply to keep a physical backup in a secure location. In no particular order here is a list of ten ways to perform offline backups, and a few of them are […]

A Better Voice Activated Software For OS X: Enhanced Dictation

As far as I’m concerned the voice activated typing software I’ve used for typing blog posts, e-mails, and anything else that required more than a couple lines of text has been replaced. For years MacSpeech Dictate was my tool of choice to quickly get a few hundred words typed up, without risking repetitive strain injury […]

Voice Activated Typing Software

I have never been a very fast typist (or a fascist type for that matter), in fact I operate a keyboard in a fashion that might be called “touchhunting”. Lately if I’m writing something that runs more than 300 or 400 words I feel my shoulders and neck tighten up and I get more headaches […]

Free Online File Converter

Mark this in the very cool utilities category – MediaConverter is a web based tool that will convert files from one format to another. The lists of files it can handle is impressive: MP3 WMV 3GP AMR FLV SWF AMV MOV WMA AVI MPG MP4 DivX MPEG4 iPOD PSP OGG WMA AAC MP4 MPC MMF […]

Beat Internet Filtering-The First Thing To Try

Just because Digital Media Minute is a friend of the little guy (who finds it inconvenient to not have Facebook open all day at work), here is the simplest possible workaround to bypass internet filtering if your employer is filtering specific sites: just add an ‘s’ to the http line and you might find access […]

Digital Sculpting Tool

Digital Media Minute has done posts before on tools for making 3-D art including a slick 3D character creator, but take a look at Sculptris, a really impressive, free digital sculpting tool or 3-D modeler that you can use to make incredibly detailed and organic-looking 3-D figures. If you have ever wondered how the incredible […]

Class Design Tipsheet

Over at Dzone, Giorgio Sironi has a very nice list of generic class and interface design questions you should ask yourself before committing a new code artifact, relative to naming, structure, and length. I’ve posted a few pointers to articles at DZone lately; they remain one of the very best sources that I know of […]

3D Character Creator

The open source MakeHuman software lets you model photorealistic humanoid 3-D characters in less than two minutes, or so says the documentation. The GUI looks very friendly and you can export figures in 3D graphics formats that are supported by many different modellers and rendering engines. 3D character creation has never looked so simple.  We […]

HTML Slideshow Generator

Dave Raggett has authored HTML Slidy, a cross-browser XHTML slideshow creator that runs like Powerpoint.  Wow, this is really slick and potentially fills a real need for people who for whatever reason don’t have PowerPoint and don’t particularly want to get it. Just click on the window to advance to the next slide. Each presentation […]

HDR Introduction

We have done posts before on high dynamic range photography-here is an excellent short tutorial on HDR. Included are sections on HDR processing software recommendations as well as image fine-tuning or tone mapping. Remember that HDR photography doesn’t require a particularly expensive DSLR camera, just one that allows you to manually underexpose or overexpose your […]

Voice Recognition Typing

In this short series on voice-activated typing software, I started by going over my initial thoughts on whether or not I needed it, as well as my hesitation because of the price. I also had serious doubts about voice-recognition typing because “keyboard recognition typing” had worked for me for 20 years, albeit uncomfortably. As someone […]

Voice Typing Software

I’ve been using MacSpeech Dictate for a week now and I have two things to report that I didn’t know when I did my initial review of this voice activated typing software. On about day three I was sitting while holding the headset that is included with the Dictate software as I spoke into it. […]