Increase Instagram Engagement–This Tool Could Change Everything For You

Instagram engagementFor a recent e-commerce client (selling a food product) we found that our best engagement by far was from Instagram.

Considering the product is premium pickle juice meant to be used in mixed drinks especially, we weren’t surprised. My client had a ton of excellent images of attractive people enjoying all kinds of adult beverages, and never did I know how ridiculous bloody marys had become, one drink sometimes resembling an entire lunch buffet in a glass.

A point of friction was never knowing which images–some taken by fans of the product line, some from my client’s team–of our images would perform best.

Anyway, as we looked for ways to capitalize on this encouraging organic interest I ran across a new tool for Instagram that uses artificial intelligence to predict which photos in your phone’s image library stand to get the best engagement. From the Likely AI website:

LikelyAI extracts thousands of data points from an image and recognizes the popular patterns. Objects, colors, emotions, shapes, lightning, size and positioning – all of them are data points.

Take a look at the ‘challenge yourself’ section, where you’re presented with nine images, from which you pick the three you’d expect to get the best amount of engagement. Your guesses are matched against the images that performed best. It’s effective gamification of the intro to the product.

Will LikelyAI really help you? My client did see more engagement in his Instagram stats. The only downside is that as of writing the enterprise version hasn’t been released yet. I’d recommend at least taking the free 14-day unlimited trial so you can decide whether the paid product might be worth it for you.

No compensation of any kind was given for this review.