YouTube Live And Facebook Live: Making The Jump To Video

I was pondering this preference Facebook is giving to video, especially live video, in terms of organic distribution. Engagement with video content is relatively high vs other types of posts so you’re rewarded for helping Facebook keep its users/your audience engaged. It’s no secret that YouTube also is favoring live video in the search algo. […]

Video: Around The World In A Minute

There can be no better use of a single minute to make you want to travel: I know that 2012 is coming and that I should be pretty jaded about the richness of You Tube and all the other Web 2.0 extravaganzas that surround us in a virtual river of information, but I’m not. Maybe […]

Free Live Video Broadcasting

Has free archived video from YouTube et al. opened up your web exploration possibilities just a little? Talk about getting pulled in: sometimes I have to pour ice water over my head to get away from the endless cute puppy videos, old music videos, the wacked-out viral hits … and of course the tutorials on […]

Make Flip Books from Your Digital Video Clips!

Looking for a cool and unique Christmas give that will have everyone talking about?  FlipClips is a cool online service that creates Flip Books from your digital video clips!  A 75 page Flip Book costs $8.99 and a 150 page Flip Book will run you about $18.99. I find least interesting pieces of hybrid media […]

Backup your Copy Protected DVDs

I’ve written before that I’m a big fan of backing up my purchased DVD’s. I have a young son who loves to be independent and handle his own DVD’s. This sometimes results in scratched and even cracked DVD media. Those darn movies are expensive so I really hate to lose one! My solution is to […]