MSDN Library Now a Free Download

Link updated for 2016: Microsoft has just made the MSDN Library a free download! If you do any Windows development at all you can imagine that to finally get the MSDN Library for Visual Studio 6.0 free download is a very useful tool to have. But wait – you say the MSDN library is already available online? Yes it is, but the search isn’t always very useful, and the web based UI is cumbersome and doesn’t always load properly. No reason not to get this MSDN library update. This version that is available for download is a native Windows interface and is quicker and better than its web counterpart. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a copy on your hard drives too, especially if you live somewhere without broadband Internet access or with an unreliable connection.

Fantastic AJAX JS Library

moo.ajax is a small and awesome JavaScript library that will make embedding AJAX calls in your web applications very easy.  I’ve been using this library for the past couple of weeks, and have found it to be great to work with. It’s based on the popular Prototype JS library, but is much smaller in size (3K) so is a perfect solution if the full Prototype library add too much overhead.  I’m always interested in these more economical Javascript solutions to problems because the fact is that you don’t always need all the full-blown functionality of larger libraries.  Give this a shot and tell us what you think.