IOS 5 Features Leaked?

OK forgive the linkbait title, but since it apparently got you here I’ll make it worth your while, because this is funny. This video will have more impact if I say nothing to introduce it, but if you are looking for a chuckle on your Sunday take a look at Simon Pierro’s iPad, sporting some downright unbelievable features that may or may not be included in iOS 5. Okay, they are absolutely not going to be included on IOS 5 but you should still check out the vid! I know it’s been possible for a while but I still find it amazing that someone with a sense of humor can potentially become world-famous for 15 minutes by way of YouTube…


At the moment (May 2011) Apple has approximately $77 billion in the bank. You never hear the company speculate publicly about what it might or might not do in terms of acquisitions with all that cash, which is probably no surprise. That doesn’t keep industry watchers from making prognostications though,and here’s one of the better ones I’ve heard recently.

It’s an interesting read postulating that the best thing Apple could do with this cash cache would be an end run around ATT, Verizon, et al. and spend it on a data-only carrier. Matthew Panzarino examines whether buying an existing carrier or creating a new one would be the best way forward for “AppleNet”. Pure conjecture, but thought-provoking.