Understanding Git With Gitk Tutorial

Joshua Flanagan at Los Techies has a really excellent 2-part gitk tutorial to look at if you want to understand git, starting you at the beginning with creating a branch and making commits in this article. Part two is on understanding merge and rebase with gitk. We are doing more and more articles on Git because clearly it is becoming more widely used over time. I’m always looking for good tutorials on Git especially for beginners as I think a lot of people are intimidated especially by the idea of merging and making commits with it.

It’s not as difficult as you might think in reality, and it’s a shame if you aren’t using it already because you are intimidated by it. To get over that hurdle I suggest you go take a look at both this 2 part gitk tutorial article.

Virtual Safari Web Browser

Mark this as nifty… VirtualSafari is a Web-based frontend for Apple’s WebKit HTML rendering engine. It makes it possible to host a website which looks like the Safari browser and allows the end-user to *load* pages rendered with the WebKit engine (see the demo). When you load up VirtualSafari in any browser, you are shown a window that looks like the Safari browser. Enter an url into a text box, and your URL is sent to a PERL script that processes the page in Webkit and sends it back to the VirtualSafari page. It should be noted that Virtual Safari browser is an application that must be run on a Mac with a working web server, so if you have one Mac in your office that is used for testing purposes, all PC client can remotely look at pages as they would display in Safari.