Understanding Git With Gitk Tutorial

Joshua Flanagan at Los Techies has a really excellent 2-part gitk tutorial to look at if you want to understand git, starting you at the beginning with creating a branch and making commits in this article. Part two is on understanding merge and rebase with gitk. We are doing more and more articles on Git […]

Virtual Safari Web Browser

Mark this as nifty… VirtualSafari is a Web-based frontend for Apple’s WebKit HTML rendering engine. It makes it possible to host a website which looks like the Safari browser and allows the end-user to *load* pages rendered with the WebKit engine (see the demo). When you load up VirtualSafari in any browser, you are shown […]

Google Database Application

It looks like Google is about ready to launch Google Base. In fact the site was up earlier, but was soon taken down. You can find a screenshot on Flickr. The text on the screenshot reads: Post your items on Google. Google Base is Google’s database into which you can add all types of content. […]

Character Entity Reference

A nice HTML & XHTML Character Entities reference is available at cookwood.com. It’s a pretty good go-to reference for web developers, I have to say. The site is the official site for HTML Visual Quickstart Guide and offers many other HTML related references. As nice as this reference is I’ve been thinking about a better […]

How to Move a Subversion Repository

I recently had to move our main Subversion repository to a new server the other day, so I thought I would pass along this quick how-to. To move a Subversion repository from one system to another you only have to enter a couple of easy subversion commands. To start, go to the source system and […]

Free High Resolution Textures

Digital Media Minute hasn’t done a lot of graphic design pointers lately, and we really should do more, so here is a nice list of free high resolution textures for your next project. And for all you graphic designers out there I would love to know your opinion: is Digital Media Minute doing enough posts […]

Processing Excel Tables In Java

Here is a very nice utility for processing Excel tables in Java with an annotation-based approach: the yava Excel stripper.  all that you will require to give this functionality a test run is Excel file, the yava-excel-stripper library, and the Apache POI library of your choice. This tutorial has plenty of code snippets to illustrate, and […]

Entry Level Programming Jobs

One thing that is attractive about computer programming or web development as a career is that you can acquire many of the skills that you need to do it professionally without first convincing someone to hire you so that you can get work experience. Entry level software jobs are something that you can create yourself. […]

Make Your Own Proxy

Is there a shorter instructional video on how to make your own free proxy on the internet? Make a proxy using Google App Engine and Python using this tutorial that comes in at under three minutes.  The utility of proxies is increasing all the time as individual deem the need for internet access  at work […]

Tech Job Sites List

List posts have value for me as they cut through Internet chaos so that I need but one bookmark that functions as a pointer to many helpful places all across the Net with info on just one subject. If it’s a topic I may revisit, not having to remake the list is a huge time […]


A self-proclaimed ‘old school database guy’, Cal Evans gives us an honest and pretty thorough review of the latest version of MySQL Workbench –worth your time if you’re not happy with the MySQL ERD tool you use now, or even if you are. He aims for a real-world simulation test of the workbench, with 18 […]

VirtualBox VDI Index

If your a user of the cross-platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) virtualization software Virtual Box, you’ll be happy to find the VirtualBox VDI Index.  While you’re there you’ll find hundreds of preconfigured virtual appliances available for free download. This looks to me like it’s the mother lode of virtualization software and even if you don’t know […]

Free Adobe AIR Events

This news is a bit old, but if you are interested in learning more about the Adobe Integrated Runtime, you should check out Adobe’s on AIR Bus Tour.  The tour is an 18 city road show where you can learn how to bring your AJAX or Flex web applications to the desktop.  Each event is […]

Learning Regular Expressions (Video Tutorial and Cheatsheet)

The makers of the E Text Editor have produced a nice Learning Regular Expressions Video Tutorial and Cheatsheet. Although they apply regular expressions within their text editor product, there is lots of knowledge that you can transfer to your scripting/programming endeavors. I think a lot of readers of Digital Media Minute will not particularly have […]

Mounting Amazon S3 as a File System in Amazon EC2

The Amazon Web Services Developer Connection site has a great tutorial that will show you how to Mount Amazon S3 as a File System in Amazon EC2. S3 is Amazon’s distributed storage service and EC2 is their distributed, virtualized server solution. In the past it was difficult to have persistent storage in EC2, but now […]