A Future For Viral Sites?

Are Viral Sites Dead? So I confess, I’ve been thinking about creating a viral website. OK I said it. I mean of course a site that depends on organic sharing of its content from readers on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc., rather than focusing on SEO traffic or paid traffic. […]

using google adsense

Should You Use Google Adsense?

Monetizing your website. Using the Internet to make money. Unless your website is a hobby–nothing wrong with that by the way–it’s why you’re playing this game, right? Look–using Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money with a website. Sign up and get approved, create your ads and paste the code you’re […]

Editing Google Analytics User Access–When It’s Not Your Website

A friend of mine was considering buying a website and asked my opinion on it. After checking to see that the site did in fact have Google Analytics installed (just click your right mouse button and look for ‘view page source’), I told him to ask the seller to add me to their Google Analytics […]

Looking for a Business Name?

Starting up a new media firm? Need digital media company name suggestions? Looking for a company name and a catchy tagline to suit branding for just about any business at all? New Media Company Generator will display a random company name and tagline for you! As more and more people catch the entrepreneurial bug and […]

How To Build And Grow An App Business

Each year the app business gains momentum as an economic force in the global economy with app usage and revenue increasing rapidly. According to this statistical report, global app revenues amounted to $41.1 billion US dollars in 2015 alone and are expected to rise to more than $101 billion USD by 2020. In many cases […]

Looking For Company Name

Have you ever played around with random business name generators? I used half an hour that I’ll never get back today looking for a company name or a graphic design company that my wife may or may not create. “Advanced Depictions” anyone? The key to creating brandable names is a word combination that is memorable, […]