Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

A former student asked me a few days ago how I learned Ruby on Rails. The answer was that I simply read alot of great tutorials. So in the spirit of sharing, here are the 12 tutorials that I found most useful: Rolling with Ruby on Rails – Curtis Hibbs of offers his first […]

Ruby Programming Tutorial

Ruby on Rails continues to be very popular, and for someone getting started a good Ruby programming tutorial might be the difference between spinning one’s wheels and understanding Ruby quickly. Digital Media Minute did a well-received post on Ruby on Rails Tutorials a while ago, and as RoR has evolved to become quite complex over […]

Building a Web Application with Ruby on Rails and Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services Developer Connection is starting to gather a great collection of tutorials for using their amazing web services. Building a Web Application with Ruby on Rails and Amazon S3 is one that caught my eye. It is full of short examples that shows virtually every part of the S3 service and how to […]

Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to learn Ruby on Rails, I would suggest reading Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book. It is a great online introduction to the Ruby programming language and will definitely give you a kickstart while learning the Rails framework. I know that learning Ruby on Rails has completely […]

13 Ruby on Rails Screencasts

This is a great collection of 13 Ruby on Rails Screencasts of presentations made to the San Diego Ruby (and Rails) User Group. I particularly enjoyed Patrick Crowley’s ActsAsTaggable Plugin presentation. It was nice to see him talk about the differences between the gem and the plugin and then shows how to quickly implement folksonomy […]

Evaluation – Rails vs Django

Rails vs Django is a nice evaluation of the two most popular web application frameworks. Rails uses the Ruby scripting language while Django uses the Python scripting language. Both are very capable and offer a unique set of features. This evaluation shows you how long it took to write the application and compares the lines […]

Instant Rails for Windows

Instant Rails is a cool project that provides developers with a contained sandbox for working with Ruby on Rails. In fact, Instant Rails is a one-stop Rails runtime solution containing Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL, all preconfigured and ready to run. No installer is needed as you simply drop it into the directory of your […]

Free Ruby On Rails Hosting

Now you have no excuse not to try Ruby on Rails. RailsPlayground is offering FREE Ruby On Rails hosting! If you’re like me and you find yourself getting enthusiastic about RoR, hosting like this is a perfect opportunity to begin to build something with your nascent skills. I’ve already signed up for a hosting package […]