Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Check Wind, Clouds, Rain And Much More With Windy.com

check winds

My vote for the prettiest website I’ve seen in a long time goes to Windy.com.

I went in looking for real-time info about Hurricane Irma, coming into the Caribbean as I’m writing this as a category 5 hurricane.

I found a site that offers real time information on wind, cloud cover, temperature, precipitation, ocean wave activity and barometric pressure.

Note the little arrow at the bottom left of the image below, where you can get weather forecasts in all these categories. I bookmarked this immediately.

check winds

Fun Typing Games For Kids

If you have a kid–or adult–in your life who can’t put the game controller down long enough to learn to touch type, have them try Z-Type. It’s a surprisingly addictive, fun typing game that makes use of the old words-as-space-aliens metaphor, challenging players to touch-type each word falling toward your gun turret before it’s too late. The game plays a whole lot more fun than the way in which I have related it; it is simple and challenging, with an apocalyptic soundtrack that helps keep your head in the game so that you hardly realize you’re learning. Which is always the goal, right?