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Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Check Wind, Clouds, Rain And Much More With

My vote for the prettiest website I’ve seen in a long time goes to I went in looking for real-time info about Hurricane Irma, coming into the Caribbean as I’m writing this as a category 5 hurricane. I found a site that offers real time information on wind, cloud cover, temperature, precipitation, ocean wave […]

Fun Typing Games For Kids

If you have a kid–or adult–in your life who can’t put the game controller down long enough to learn to touch type, have them try Z-Type. It’s a surprisingly addictive, fun typing game that makes use of the old words-as-space-aliens metaphor, challenging players to touch-type each word falling toward your gun turret before it’s too […]

Funniest Website Of 2010, So Far

There is hope for mankind. Our imagination will save us. Or something. What do you do if your wife cries uncontrollably at the end of every single movie you watch? Clearly you buy the domain and post videos of her weepy film reviews. As a bonus there is her hysterical railing against the injustice […]

Embed A PDF Into A Web Page

I’m sure there are 20 ways to embed a PDF or a PPT file into a web page but this tip is so easy that it’s worth a post. Just paste in this code, with the URL of the document you want to embed in place of the bold text: <iframe src=”” style=”width:600px; height:500px;” frameborder=”0″></iframe> […]

Online Graph Paper

With all of our tech tools today, there are still a few whose utility has not been superseded by digital aids. What’s better than a fresh sheet of graph paper to help inspire you to create mankind’s next big breakthrough, whether or not you’ve found funding? Online graph paper has the advantage of not having […]


Do you expect that your neighbours are stealing your WiFi?  Sure, you could turn on encryption and other security measures, or you could have some fun with them!  Upside-Down-Ternet is a geeky solution to this problem that will show you how to intercept any images that might be sent to your neighbours computer and flip […]

New Personal Avatar Service

Pavatar is a service much like Gravatar which allows you to provide a personal avatar of yourself that can be used on sites that support the service.  Unlike Gravitar which hosts your picture for you,  Pavatar relies on your personal picture being hosted on your webspace.  There are plugins available for most blogging platforms as […]

New Year – New Design

To start the new year off on a fresh start, I have finally redesigned DMM. I was pretty happy with the last design, but felt it was time to renew the look. The new design is a bit more “blog-like” but my main goal was to widen the content area so that I can present […]

A Personal Wiki Notepad

ZuluPad is a desktop application that provides you with a local Wiki. It combines the simplicity of Notepad with the functionality of a Wiki. The application is free and is available for both Mac and Windows! The home page of the website says that what the developers were trying to accomplish was to combine the […]

Free Photoshop Actions

If you’re looking to create a virtual digital darkroom, you should definitely take a look at this collection of Photoshop CS2 Actions. All the actions are free and if you like them enough, send the creator a donation via PayPal. I recently used the Digital Velvia action to enhance a few pictures I took at a […]

Creativity Self-Assessment Test

How creative are you? CREAX has a neat Creativity Self-Assessment Test that only takes a few minutes to complete and gives you a fairly detailed analysis of how creative you are. The test scores you in the areas of abstraction, connection, perspective, curiosity, boldness, paradox, complexity and persistance. It’s an interesting little test and I […]

Help with Choosing Colors is a very cool JavaScript application that will help you find colors for your next web design. There are user submitted schemes and colors that can be discovered by searching on tags. The coolest feature is that you can upload a photo and have the tool randomly select a color scheme from that image. […]

Free Menu Designs is offering a set of nicely designed and simple CSS Free Menu Designs for you to download and use any way you see fit.  CSS is rapidly becoming the method by which web designers use to create virtually everything you see on the web, from designs for menus to almost any other aspect of […]

Free Online Graph Paper

If you like to sketch out your ideas or designs on graphing paper, here is a great resource. Free Online Graph Paper offers over 30 different styles of gridded graph paper that should suit any need. The “paper” comes in the form of downloadable PDF files (yes, you need to provide your own paper). So […]

Gorgeous Photos

A Daily Dose of Imagery is a fantastic photoblog from Sam Javanrouh of Toronto. The images are beautiful and updated daily. Sure the Internet is a great place to learn virtually any skill that you ever want to pick up, but you can’t overestimate its importance as a way to share the collective creative work […]