How I’ll Fight The Panda Once More

I bought Digital Media Minute back in late 2008 from a web developer. He’d had added content virtually every day–sometimes multiple posts per day–since he started the site in 2003. When I bought DMM it had over 3000 posts on it, almost all of which were indexed in Google. At the time the traffic was […]

Get In The Google Search Results ASAP–Three Reliable Ways

Google Search Results–What’s The Trick To Getting In? I recently got a letter from a reader, saying in part: … seems that I must not have set my site up quite correctly, as my post is still not coming up in any Google search results. I’ve tried everything I can think of (alt text for […]

Getting Featured Snippets And Testing Push Notifications

Wide Angle Wednesday — Quality From Around The Internet Matt Diggity does a lot of things right. He’s become a well-known SEO figure on the strength of the quality of free lessons and tips he shares. Sign up for his list and you’ll see what I mean: no fewer than nine SEO resources come with […]

Free SEO keyword research tools

My Favorite Keyword Volume And Related Keywords Free SEO Tools

I want to point you to two SEO tools I’ve been using for a long time now, tools that work together to let me do two major SEO tasks very, very quickly: finding related keywords and get keyword volumes/CPC amounts. Even better, they are free. Sometimes a lean tool with fewer features is best, and […]

Digital Media Minute Vs Google–Who Won?

As painful as it was for me to see after putting so much time into this site, I’ll admit it has also been morbidly interesting to watch the death of traffic to in the last 3 1/2 years. You can see the basic idea in the screenshot, but suffice it to say that site […]