Python on Windows XP

Richard Dooling has a nice tutorial that will have you running Python on Windows XP in seven (not eight!) minutes. I’ve been using a bit of Python lately for automating some tasks on an older Windows Server. I could be using the old DOS Batch language, but instead decided to look at a fully featured, all purpose scripting language. I know that the time I spend learning Python will pay real dividends in the future when a whole lot more will be done with it than ever will again be with DOS! I’ll bet that describes your mindset as well so if you are on XP go take a look at this well-written tutorial.

Switch from Windows XP to Mac OSX with Ease

Just in time for my new Mac Book Pro, has a nice list of applications that will help me Switch from Windows XP to Mac OSX with ease! Add those applications with Parallels and BootCamp, and now there has never been a better time to switch!  From the perspective of a current Mac user like myself this would be great for adding Windows XP to your current computer, but the real benefit here might be to give people who are not yet ready to abruptly switch from XP to OS X the ability to run both operating systems at the same time for a while on any new Mac they purchase. This is a very smart marketing move by Apple and I see minimal downside potential for them.