Python on Windows XP

Richard Dooling has a nice tutorial that will have you running Python on Windows XP in seven (not eight!) minutes. I’ve been using a bit of Python lately for automating some tasks on an older Windows Server. I could be using the old DOS Batch language, but instead decided to look at a fully featured, […]

Switch from Windows XP to Mac OSX with Ease

Just in time for my new Mac Book Pro, has a nice list of applications that will help me Switch from Windows XP to Mac OSX with ease! Add those applications with Parallels and BootCamp, and now there has never been a better time to switch!  From the perspective of a current Mac user […]

How to Open Popup Windows

Jehiah Czebotar has written a nice article that illustrates a best practice for opening popups windows.  He offers a solution that is degradable and semantically correct.  As he states in the beginning of the article he’s not only referring to methods to avoid pop-up blockers; this tutorial is more about writing clean code and keeping […]

Windows XP Services that can be Disabled

Here is an exellent PDF that describes what Windows XP Services that can be Disabled and the consequences of doing so. The hope is that by unloading unneccesary services your XP system may run more securely and quickly.  You’ve always known that you didn’t need many, many of the services that come bundled in XP, […]

Multiple IIS Virtual Servers on XP Pro

One limitation with running IIS on Windows XP Pro is that you are limited to running only one virtual server. Steve Cohn has figured out a way to have Multiple IIS Virtual Servers on XP Pro, and shares how to accomplish this in this rather brief, well-written article. Essentially, while it might appear that Microsoft […]