How Email Marketing Works

I received an email from a Digital Media Minute reader in response to a recent post on Internet marketing newsletters I recommend subscribing to, where I listed nine newsletters that have helped me a lot over the years. The reader complained that I’d pointed to these examples of great newsletters without really explaining how email […]

Nine Internet Marketing Newsletters You MUST Subscribe To

It’s easy to find people selling online courses on SEO, paid traffic, copywriting, and many other skills that marketers in 2017 should have. No doubt some of them will accelerate your education. There is also a lot of free, high-quality info out there. You’ll find it via Google as part of the content marketing ‘value’ […]

Could Themed Newsletters Raise Your Email Open Rate?

If your website has a subscriber list–I assume you have a list!–there are two potential problems you’ll always be trying to sidestep, and themed newsletters might help you do so. One is the challenge of keeping your content fresh and interesting enough to get your emails opened and hopefully engaged-with. The other is simply coming […]

Better Email Management With Baydin

Among other things, Baydin takes as its mission to help make e-mail fun again. I’m having difficulty recalling when exactly it was fun looking at an inbox with dozens of incoming interruptions, only a small fraction of which will serve to actually enrich my existence, but look at the audacious approach Baydin has toward better […]

Create Stunning Newsletters Online

Letterpop is an amazing AJAX/Web 2.0 online newsletter creator.  You can choose from a number of templates and upload your own images and photos.  One of the nicer features is that you do not need to create an account to create a basic newsletter, so it’s really easy to give this app a no strings […]

Remove Text Ads from GMail

Do you find the text ads in GMail to be annoying? If you do, you can use Firefox to hide the ads from displaying. This trick uses CSS and the Firefox configuration file named userContent.css . Before we start modifying our userContent.css file, I would recommend that you install an extension named ChromeEdit that simplifies […]