Viewing Browser Cache in Firefox

In need of a fast solution for a Firefox cache viewer? Firefox has a nice way to view files that are in both your memory and file cache. When using Firefox view cache by going to the the Address Bar, and type about:cache. This will take you to a page that allows you to view a summary of your browser cache and also will allow you to browse the files stored in the cache. There are various reasons why you might want to view Firefox cache–for example if you’re looking for files you might have downloaded while using Firefox whose name you cannot remember, or if you are interested in keeping closer tabs on your kid’s internet usage. By the way, this Mozilla cache viewer functionality will not work if your cache is disabled in Firefox.
Hit this link to change Firefox cache location.

Firefox Plugins For Web Developers

Whether you are a web developer coming to Firefox from Internet Explorer or another browser, or you’re just starting out and want to get all the plug-in based help for Firefox that you can find, take a look at this excellent list of helpful plug-ins for Firefox to help you get the job done. We haven’t done any pointer posts to big lists of high-quality Firefox add-ons in quite a while; in my opinion it’s worth taking an hour out and looking through a comprehensive listing  like this because I don’t think there’s any doubt that habitually making use of Firefox plug-ins rather than standalone applications is a great way to accelerate your workflow.

Change Firefox Cache Location

Digital Media Minute did a post a while ago about the location of the Firefox cache.
To change Firefox cache location, add the “browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” preference (by editing your configuration) and enter a folder path. When you specify this preference, a new directory, “Cache” will be created at the path you have set.

These other two preferences must set as follows (edit configuration):
Set “browser.cache.disk.enable” to ‘true’ to store cache on the hard drive. (The default is true.)
Set “browser.cache.disk.capacity” to a positive integer equal to the max hard drive space in KB to use for cache. (Firefox default is 50000 KB)

Also, for Windows, the path separator must be 2 backslashes (for example “C:\\Path\\To\\Parent”), if the “browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” value is set in prefs.js or user.js file rather than about:config.

Changing the cache location in Firefox might be something you want to do if you would rather route cache data to an encrypted hard drive rather than leaving it on the drive to which it’s currently being stored even after you clear your cache.

Drag and Drop File Upload for Firefox

Drag and Drop Upload is a very useful extension for Firefox that lets you drop files from Explorer or Finder onto a file upload box. W00t! No more clicking the browse button! This is one of the small everyday improvements to your normal workflow that saves a little bit of time and makes life easier for you while you work.

Firefox has so many extensions whose functionality used to require installing completely separate applications on your computer or going to a website that offered the same functionality. A drag-and-drop file upload for Firefox probably won’t enable you to retire sooner but it will definitely save a little time.

Firefox Screen Reader Emulator

Fangs is a Firefox extension that emulates a screen reader. It creates a textual representation of a web page similar to how the page would be read by one of the modern screen readers. I don’t know about you but I don’t particularly enjoy reading long articles on a computer screen that was never made for the job in the first place.

We really do need ways to consume long-form articles of more than 1000 words or so. Rest assured that there will be many attempts over the coming years to produced software and most likely hardware as well that will bring the basic human experience of reading for hours rather than minutes into the 21st century. A this is an interesting Firefox extension that begins to move us down the right road.

Firefox Screensaver

If you’re a total Firefox nut (like I am), here is a screensaver that I have created. The screensaver will work on Windows only and requires that you have the Flash ActiveX installed on your system (if you have IE – you should already have the Flash ActiveX – Isn’t that ironic?).  I am happy to be, in my own small way, helping to promote Firefox. I believe that for various reasons–such as better security and better adherence to web standards as well–just about everyone should at least install it and give it a try.

Here are some download links for the screensaver:


Firefox Logo Artwork

The Firefox Identity Team have released Hi-Res bitmap and Vector Firefox Logos. These logos are perfect for creating your own desktop wallpapers, posters, banners, buttons, etc. This is how you market things in 2004: release the high-quality raw materials for all sorts of digital marketing and then let your fans who do desktop publishing, graphic design, and web publishing create not only the marketing for you, but almost all the distribution as well!

Even though it’s still relatively early in the age of blogging and individuals publishing on websites on issues about which they feel passionate, it’s clear that if you produce excellence you can count on your fans to help you find new fans.

New Firefox Wallpaper

I was a little bored last night, so I decided to make a new desktop wallpaper that sports the Firefox logo (designed by Jon Hicks). I have listed them here for your download.

Firefox Wallpaper
800×600 | 1024×768 | 1152×768 | 1200×1024 | 1600×1200

I have always been a bit of a connoisseur of wallpaper, especially Firefox wallpaper as I am in turn a huge fan of the browser. At any rate sometimes I get a creative urge and I have always enjoyed the Firefox logo by Hicks so I thought it would be natural enough to incorporate it into my creation while crediting him of course. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have concerning your favorite Firefox wallpaper in the comments; feel free to leave us links to any that you have enjoyed yourself even if the screen resolutions in which it’s offered are not as comprehensive as the wallpapers I created. Enjoy!

Advertise FireFox

Mozilla Firefox Ads are now available from You can now place a nicely designed image on your site that advertises this awesome web browser. The images are hosted from Mozilla’s site, so your site will not take a bandwidth hit.

In case you’re not aware, Firefox is the browser formerly known as Firebird. Version 0.8 was released today and can be downloaded from the Mozilla site. I’m already starting to see these images on tech-oriented websites as I surf around the Internet. This is a brilliant advertising strategy for Mozilla/Firefox because they are essentially giving the means to Firefox enthusiasts to advertise for Mozilla for free! When you have brand loyalty such as they have been able to achieve over time you can do things like this. Hosting the images/ads for us, which they do, helps too!