Dygraphs: Visualization Library In JavaScript

Dygraphs is an open source JavaScript library that you can use to create interactive, zoomable charts of time series, capable of displaying huge data sets and enabling users to explore and analyse them. Check out the examples at the link, along with sample code to get you started. Looks dead simple to use. Dygraphs sends no data to any servers – it is client-side JavaScript, processed entirely in the client’s browser.  If you work with JavaScript you’re going to love this because as far as I can see it really transforms the user interface potential of the language into something terrific.

Javascript Carousel Widget

iCarousel is an open source JavaScript tool for creating carousel like widgets.  Based on the MooTools JS library, iCarousel is a nice widget with lots of possibility for customization.  We are starting to see a lot of these interesting widgets for various types of functionality that are geared towards applications like photography and e-commerce and plenty of others. It’s indicative of the versatility and power of JavaScript that these additional tools are created to extend the language into all sorts of interesting areas. Widgets are coming into their own as small applications created for very specific tasks,  and we are seeing that even non-technical users find them to be very easy to use.