About Digital Media Minute

15 years old (as of April 2018), Digital Media Minute aims to be a repository of information relevant to internet marketers, web developers, creative professionals, and anyone who uses the internet to as a way to earn online.

Entrepreneurship via the internet, with the countless tools and methods we now have, offers the best opportunity in history for you to create opportunities for yourself. It takes effort and it certainly requires education, and that’s where DMM comes in. We keep abreast of the latest tech, tools and strategies for making online and present them here.

You’ll find only quality on this site, no scams or overt promotions. There are affiliate links on this site but we never recommend anything we haven’t used and believe in ourselves.

You’ll find fresh productivity tools, reviews of software of every kind, how-to guides, programming tutorials, and the best Character Entity Reference on the web.

Our archives contain wide-ranging tips on everything from authoring technologies (HTML, XHTML, CSS & XML), client-side scripting (JavaScript), server-side scripting (JSP, PHP & Ruby on Rails), server management (Apache, MySQL, IIS & Tomcat) to interactive, rich-media applications like Adobe Flex and Flash. Debate and opinion on what all the tools add up to: what works and what doesn’t, for the user.

You will also find commentary on the effects of digital media in the broadest sense on individuals, business, and our culture.

Detailed enough to be helpful, and wide enough in scope to be thought-provoking. Digital Media Minute: It’s where we are and where we are going.