How Writing Every Day Changes Your Life–And Your Financial Situation

Three Reasons My Goal Is To Write 1001 Words A Day For a long time now I have had a goal to write 1001 words every day. Anyone can do 1000. I don’t always hit that arbitrary number but I’m convinced that by setting it as a specific daily goal I am setting myself up […]

Getting Around The New York Times Paywall-You’re Invited

You might be aware that the New York Times will start charging for content soon. Today they said the auspicious date would be March 28th in the US. It looks like they’re going to allow you to read 20 articles per month for free and then offer a tiered payment system, maxing out at $35 […]

How To Go Viral

Among other things, Jonah Peretti is a founder of BuzzFeed and Huffington Post. Like a performance artist who uses the Internet as his medium, Peretti is simultaneously working with larger themes, and not just commercial ones. He’s a graduate of the MIT Media Lab, and projects like the Nike sweatshop e-mails are usually hilarious but […]