Artificial Intelligence Comes To Marketing

The future arrived faster than we—or at least I—thought it would. Check out Adgorithm’s Artificial Intelligence named Albert, billed as ‘the first Artificial Intelligence marketing platform for the enterprise’. At first I though that the main advantage it gives you is a (much) faster way to optimize your paid campaigns. But it also addresses targeting […]

Voluum tracker for affiliate marketing

The Fastest Way To Become A Good–Or Even Great–Marketer

Have you ever run affiliate marketing campaigns using paid traffic? I think it’s best way to become a better marketer in the shortest possible time. Why do I say that? Isn’t the best way to just buy the right courses and study for months while you learn and take notes? Well, no. Just the opposite […]

User Exit Surveys

We have a client that would like us to provide an exit survey on their website. The goal of the survey is to gauge the general experience and satisfaction that the user acheived while visiting the site. I’ve been searching for a best practice on how to present the survey on the site in order […]