Data Visualization From Google’s Data Arts Team

I don’t know about you but to me cool things don’t necessarily have to have a clear utility, and here’s a great example of what I mean: check out this wild Chrome experiment, a 3-D graph of worldwide Google search volume. This was created by the ‘Google Data Arts Team’… is it just me or […]

Set Up A Paywall With Google

It was about five minutes after someone came up with the brilliant meme “information wants to be free” that people started screaming about the death of printed newspapers and magazines. How would content creators ever get paid if redistributing the fruits of their labor was no more difficult than copy/paste? To date very few established […]

Distance Finder: Google Maps API Tutorial

Here’s a nice two-part tutorial on using the Google Maps API to build yourself a distance finder for a website. Part two explains how to build functionality to allow the user to choose different kinds of routes depending on their mode of transportation and also make drag-able markers where the distance between two points is […]

Gmail Shortcut

OK, assuming you have a Gmail account and are using Firefox, check out a cool tip for getting to Gmail from a browser window, without having to hit a button or bookmark: just enter ‘g’ into the URL field. That’s it. You’ll regale them with this tip at this weekend’s parties. OK that was pretty […]

Google Wave, First Thoughts

I just spent a fun hour watching the introductory Google Wave demo. Google touts it as a ‘demonstration of what’s possible in the browser’. Hello HTML 5. The larger message from Google is clear: you need the (Microsoft) desktop even less than you did before. Well we’ll see. A Wave is a multimedia shared object […]

Make a Free/Busy Schedule with Google Calendar and JSON

Ben Maurer has devised a simple JavaScript that will create a free/busy schedule using Google Calendar and JSON. This is perfect if you want to publicly make your schedule available while only giving details on whether you are free or busy. This mimics some of the functionality that you find in Outlook of course, but […]

Free Proxy – Thanks Google!

Does your workplace or educational institution block websites using a proxy? This tip from O’Reilly, will show you how to access those sites using Google Translate. Think of it as a free proxy!  This proxy tool is more of an ingenious meta hack than it is particularly high-tech. In fact if you think about how […]

Gmail, Picasa and Flickr

I’m a big fan of the Flickr photo sharing and publication service. It is an amazing web application that lets you present your photographs on the web. It uses a tagging system to allow you to easily categorize your photographs. One of the neatest features, is that you can also view photos from other people […]

Google Preferences

Google Preferences allows you to set default search preferences like Language, Number of Results, Safe Search Filtering and whether or not your results are opened in a new window. The greatest preference is the Language setting. It allows you to choose search results only for pages written in the languages you choose.  All this is […]