What’s The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2011?

It’s that time of year again. Programmers everywhere are wondering what skills will be most valuable in 2011 and what is the best programming language to put valuable time and effort into learning now. There are many ways to look at the question but here’s a good analysis from Rob Diana incorporating Tiobe rankings, info […]

HTML5 3D Examples

Check out this great gallery of websites featuring the 3D functionality of HTML5. If this one doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will. I have often linked to galleries in the past that feature websites created with Flash, CSS3, or any number of other technologies, because I think there’s value in observing what […]

Groovy Tutorial For Beginners

Here’s a lucid, fairly lengthy tutorial on Groovy, covering basic Groovy constructs with emphasis on comparisons with Java. The author admits that he won’t be getting too deeply into Groovy, that he is trying to give a more broad overview for people who are just starting to get familiar with Groovy code.  It covers topics […]

HTML5 Video Demo

Sometimes the Internet shows you something that defies your tendency to think about things in terms of what’s familiar. I’m not talking about ESPN3.com. In this case I’m talking about technology and art intersecting in new magic ways that involve you in a personalized experience via HTML5, unique to you. Choreographed windows, real-time compositing, etc., […]

Using Visual Studio 2010 To Create A Silverlight Application

Dinesh at beyondrelational.com has a detailed post on creating a basic Silverlight application using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft has shown a huge commitment to Silverlight and though most developers will be well aware of it I think there is still a lot of value in pointing to basic tutorials for students or professionals who […]

Building iPhone Apps

You might know my friend Dave as one of the guys behind Bob’s Picklepops, but I know him as the old buddy who just can’t stop talking about his brand-new iPad. He’s sifting through the net for good tools to get the Picklepop e-book into the app store quickly and cheaply as both an iPhone […]

C++ Framework

Popular C++ frameworks include Platinum, Reason, Evocosm, ACF and many others, and now there is Cinder, a free, community developed offering from The Barbarian Group. It’s cross-platform, including iPhone/iPad, and was designed with audio, graphics, video, image processing, computational geometry and networking in mind. I always enjoy posting pointers to new tools that are developed […]

HTML5 Video Fun

Sean Christmann has been playing around with HTML5 video and canvas tags, specifically getting creative with the Canvas.drawImage() api call. Exploding video and 3D video–very cool!  I realize that in the last few months we’ve done quite a few posts on some of the HTML 5 brilliance that is popping up all over the web […]

Best 8 Groovy Tutorial List

Groovy is a dynamic programming language for the JVM that combines Java’s enterprise capabilities with productivity features like closures, builders, dynamic typing and meta-programming. It can either be interpreted or compiled and you can add new methods to classes dynamically at run time, with greater flexibility than standard Java offers. There seems to be an […]

Best Programming Language To Learn In 2010

With a new year upon us, it’s a time to examine the big questions: what is the best place to buy lottery tickets? Should I buy a puppy? But seriously, the sands of tech are changing rapidly so everyone should be looking to expand their repertoire, as in ‘what programming language should I learn next?’ […]

Dad, Can you make a video game?

My four year old son and I have a Saturday morning ritual where the two of us go our for a “special” breakfast at a local restaurant. While we are waiting for our food, Owen always draws a very exciting battle scene on the back of the paper placemat using the crayons provided by our […]

Convert MS Access To MySQL

It continues to amaze me the number of times a client give us an Access database that needs to be converted to a web application. One of the tools I have found to work really well at making the conversion is Access To MySQL. It is a free utility that will help convert your Access […]

Introduction to the Selenium IDE

Selenium is an automated web application testing utility that runs your tests directly in a web browser. Selenium uses JavaScript and Iframes to embed a test automation engine in your browser. The engine uses JavaScript that you can write by hand, but the makers of Selenium, OpenOQ.org, have also created an IDE extension for Firefox […]

Top 10 Ajax Applications

The blog at A Venture Forth is offering a list of the Top 10 Ajax Applications currently available on the net. For the most part his list is very complete, although I would suggest that he is missing the most impressive one which is Zimbra, an open-source collaboration server with an awesome AJAX based GUI. […]

Example Design Project—The Band

D. Keith Robinson is about to embark on a really cool project. Essentially he is going to create a website for a fictional band. The cool part is that he is going to prove that a band site can be cool while at the same time useable and he is going to completely document the […]