The Robots Aren’t Coming For Your Job–Get Back To Work!

What I like is something that surprises me. If it goes against a generally accepted principal, something that gets repeated so often that we stop questioning it, even better. Robots taking jobs is a perfect example. In this article from Wired magazine by James Surowiecki (remember ‘Wisdom of Crowds‘?) explains why, while robots have started […]

Apple Building Mothership-City Council To Approve

People who are irritated by Steve Jobs for one reason or another might want to skip this post, but I found his presentation to the Cupertino city council regarding Apple’s plans for a new campus to be fascinating. He starts with a story of how he called Bill Hewlett one day when he was 13 […]

Kevin Kelly On Future Media

Kevin Kelly–a digital prophet. If you are interested in some of the bigger questions behind the media in which you will be swimming for the rest of your days, this video will give you lots to ponder. As fast as things are changing relative to media in the largest sense nowadays, it’s surprising that we […]

Here Comes Digital Banking

We did a post a while ago on BankSimple, the soon-to-be-live online digital bank that’s promising a totally new way of banking, with better customer service, greater emphasis on mobile banking and fewer fees. I think there’s a huge market for a different way of doing things in retail banking-how about you? BankSimple’s launch comes […]

Four Ways Of Recycling Electronic Scrap For Money

For a lot of people cash is getting harder to come by nowadays. Chances are you have a few items that you wouldn’t mind converting into money or gift cards, stuff you aren’t using anyway. But where to go? And, maybe it sounds like a lot of trouble to haul everything across town to trade […]

Insider Trading Tips

OK, maybe a better title for this post is: insider trading tip-offs. What does it have to do with programming and web development? A Canadian law student and programmer has created a website that will tell you, supposedly within two minutes of the SEC making the information public, when an insider has made a trade […]


CyberCollege offers over 100 free tutorials and articles for those interested in Film and Television production. They are well written and broken down into small modules that can be consumed in a very short period of time. There has been an explosion in online learning and it seems clear that a paradigm shift is rapidly […]