Facebook Live Video Number 1: The Impending Eruption!

What do you do when you get a couple dozen breathless emails from people planning a vacation to the place you live, folks who need to make a decision fast as to whether they should cancel their vacation or not, because there’s a volcano that’s about to erupt there…..? Well, what I did was my […]

Facebook Live: Why You Need To Use It

Way back in March of 2016 Facebook announced that its algorithm would be favoring live video content even more than it does regular native video in News Feed. Remember that Facebook didn’t arbitrarily decide to do this: naturally it’s a response to user consumption patterns. When a company tells you not only what’s working best […]

Facebook And Native Ads–A Hidden Edge That Could Have Make You Rich

I was drawn into this little series of tweets from Chris Mims, saying that having been a creator of ‘hot takes’, he knew that the trick–or one trick at least–was to appeal to the reader’s prejudices. Having done quite a bit of affiliate marketing using paid traffic in my day, I’m sensitized to listen to […]