Google Docs To Create Online Surveys?

I have used a couple of WordPress plug-ins to create surveys for my sites in the past, but I just ran across a very fast tutorial on how to use Google docs to create surveys and embed them in blog posts. As the accompanying article points out not only are surveys handy for finding out […]

What’s New In WordPress 3.2

There are five new features in the latest WordPress version (3.2) that make it quite a bit different from previous installations. For instance if you are running PHP 4 or MySQL 4 you’ll find that you have to upgrade to PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 in order to install WordPress 3.2. Read all about it […]

How To Install A WordPress Site On The Cloud

If you have been wondering just how difficult it would be to install your WordPress website to Amazon’s Cloud, here is a very well-done tutorial by Jarkko Laine on just how to do it, with plenty of screenshots. I’m not sure I will be ready to do this tomorrow, but I can’t really imagine that […]

WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

If you have a WordPress blog and check the percentage of visitors to your site that are coming from mobile devices, you’ll probably find that -surprise!-the number is growing, and pretty quickly too. Digital Media Minute gets four times the traffic from mobile devices as it did a year ago (admittedly from a rather low […]

Outstanding WordPress Developer Cheatsheet

Whether you are a developer who customizes WordPress for client projects or someone with several sites who makes use of the popular blogging platform because of its ease of use, you will find this very handy: has a very good looking WordPress cheatsheet/info graphic covering basic theme anatomy, a template checklist, include and template […]

Digital Media Minute Now On Thesis Theme

Repeat visitors to Digital Media Minute might notice our new look. I’ve been thinking about changing WordPress themes for a while and I’ve been impressed by the versatility and ease of use of the Thesis theme on some of my other sites, so I thought I’d give it a shot. The original owner of this […]

Two Free Graphic Design And Blogging Resources

Freepik is a vertical search engine whose only aim is to make it very easy to find free photos, vectors and illustrations for your website, blog, or to use in your graphic design work. With 1.2 million photographs and vectors this is worth a bookmark if you need free high quality graphics. While I’m on […]

View PDF Files In Google Docs

If you are using WordPress for your site or blog, here’s a good tip from that shows you how to let your readers view PDF files through Google docs, rather than forcing them to download the PDF. It’s always been a bit bothersome to me to think that I have to clutter up my […]

How To Speed Up WordPress

Outstanding post by Chris Spooner with ten tips to speed up your WordPress installation, simple enough to understand even if you don’t have a lot of technical background. Just in case you’re not aware, there is an important reason for wanting to speed up the load time for your website or blog beyond just having […]

WordPress Vs Thesis

Over at Redmonk, Stephen O’Grady has written a lucid analysis of the debate over whether or not the premium WordPress theme Thesis (really all WP themes, including themes for which developers charge money) have to be licensed under the GPL. Is it even possible to say that a WordPress Theme is 100% derivative or not? […]

WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types

Here are a couple tutorials covering specifics on creating custom post types in WordPress 3.0, and how it expands the functionality of a WordPress blog. Justin Tadlock’s tutorial is especially detailed and comprehensive, covering many of the arguments you can use with the register_post_type() function. I’m not sure that this new functionality could be considered […]

WordPress 3.0 Overview

You have probably heard that the release of WordPress 3.0 is coming soon (actually the release candidate is available now); here’s an excellent overview of some of the new features that will be of interest especially to developers, such as new custom post types, custom taxonomies and features that have it resembling a full-fledged CMS. […]

How To Create A Register Form For Your WordPress Site

Here is a nice little start-to-finish tutorial from Nettuts for creating a register form for your WordPress site, covering the markup, the CSS, jQuery and the WordPress code. We are starting to run across paid-for solutions for registration forms that are almost as easy to insert into your site’s code as a blog post, but […]

Ajax In WordPress

Here’s a good tutorial on implementing Ajax in WordPress themes.  this is terrific if you’ve ever thought about creating a WordPress theme yourself. A lot of developers create WordPress themes as a way of making a little extra money since the WordPress ecosystem is large enough to always be able to support at least one […]

Why Today Is The Day For WordPress Upgrades

I had a couple of topics worth posting on today, but figured I’d instead relate what I’ve spent the last 3-4 hours doing (admittedly multi-tasking). I’ve been upgrading 11 WordPress installations to the most recent WordPress version because of the attack currently in progress. I assume most people are aware of it by now, but […]