Digital Media Minute generates roughly 130,000 monthly pageviews from 100,000 unique visitors. This site has had content float to the top of Digg and, and the resulting traffic has helped Digital Media Minute’s traffic grow. August 27, 2010 is DMM’s 7th birthday, and we add at least one timely, relevant post each day to the 2,738+ original posts currently on the site. Over 80% of these post are visited each month. Digital Media Minute is very strong on long-tail tech topics. With about 83% of our visits being organic search traffic, you can be assured a large stream of new viewers for your business or product.

Digital Media Minute has highly-focused posts on web development and open source software, but we don’t stop there. As quickly as technology changes, why should we? The site is updated with at least one post every single day on subjects that interest our tech-savvy readers. Our advertising space is ideal for a wide range of tech-related companies, products and services.

Let’s talk about how Digital Media Minute can help your business. Please contact me at think_tom (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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