Macbook Pro Won’t Turn On? (My Crazy Solution I’m Very Happy With)

I have an old MacBook Pro, a mid-2010 model running Sierra OS X, or macOS Sierra as it’s now apparently known. Naturally an 8-year-old laptop has been slowing down, giving me small problems for years.   A few days ago I arrived at the place I knew we were going, and no finally arguing with […]

Facebook Live Video Number 1: The Impending Eruption!

What do you do when you get a couple dozen breathless emails from people planning a vacation to the place you live, folks who need to make a decision fast as to whether they should cancel their vacation or not, because there’s a volcano that’s about to erupt there…..? Well, what I did was my […]

eQuake Earthquake App Review

Sept. 2017, Bali, Indonesia: Mt. Agung Eruption So I’m sitting within 50 miles (~80 kilometers) of Mount Agung, a volcano that’s about to erupt, probably, on the island of Bali, Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. How’s your day going? They’ve evacuated thousands of people living within a radius of roughly 6 miles (10 km) of […]

Facebook Live: Why You Need To Use It

Way back in March of 2016 Facebook announced that its algorithm would be favoring live video content even more than it does regular native video in News Feed. Remember that Facebook didn’t arbitrarily decide to do this: naturally it’s a response to user consumption patterns. When a company tells you not only what’s working best […]

How Email Marketing Works

I received an email from a Digital Media Minute reader in response to a recent post on Internet marketing newsletters I recommend subscribing to, where I listed nine newsletters that have helped me a lot over the years. The reader complained that I’d pointed to these examples of great newsletters without really explaining how email […]

Nine Internet Marketing Newsletters You MUST Subscribe To

It’s easy to find people selling online courses on SEO, paid traffic, copywriting, and many other skills that marketers in 2017 should have. No doubt some of them will accelerate your education. There is also a lot of free, high-quality info out there. You’ll find it via Google as part of the content marketing ‘value’ […]

How I’ll Fight The Panda Once More

I bought Digital Media Minute back in late 2008 from a web developer. He’d had added content virtually every day–sometimes multiple posts per day–since he started the site in 2003. When I bought DMM it had over 3000 posts on it, almost all of which were indexed in Google. At the time the traffic was […]

The Robots Aren’t Coming For Your Job–Get Back To Work!

What I like is something that surprises me. If it goes against a generally accepted principal, something that gets repeated so often that we stop questioning it, even better. Robots taking jobs is a perfect example. In this article from Wired magazine by James Surowiecki (remember ‘Wisdom of Crowds‘?) explains why, while robots have started […]

Detect Theme And Plugins A WordPress Sites Uses

New WordPress plugins and themes are released constantly. As I was looking at different layout ideas for a new site I realized I was using a time-saving tool some people might not know about. To tell me quickly what WordPress theme and WordPress plugins a site is using I use Themestats. Even before you look […]

A Future For Viral Sites?

Are Viral Sites Dead? So I confess, I’ve been thinking about creating a viral website. OK I said it. I mean of course a site that depends on organic sharing of its content from readers on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc., rather than focusing on SEO traffic or paid traffic. […]

Could Themed Newsletters Raise Your Email Open Rate?

If your website has a subscriber list–I assume you have a list!–there are two potential problems you’ll always be trying to sidestep, and themed newsletters might help you do so. One is the challenge of keeping your content fresh and interesting enough to get your emails opened and hopefully engaged-with. The other is simply coming […]

Get In The Google Search Results ASAP–Three Reliable Ways

Google Search Results–What’s The Trick To Getting In? I recently got a letter from a reader, saying in part: … seems that I must not have set my site up quite correctly, as my post is still not coming up in any Google search results. I’ve tried everything I can think of (alt text for […]

Getting Featured Snippets And Testing Push Notifications

Wide Angle Wednesday — Quality From Around The Internet Matt Diggity does a lot of things right. He’s become a well-known SEO figure on the strength of the quality of free lessons and tips he shares. Sign up for his list and you’ll see what I mean: no fewer than nine SEO resources come with […]

YouTube Live And Facebook Live: Making The Jump To Video

I was pondering this preference Facebook is giving to video, especially live video, in terms of organic distribution. Engagement with video content is relatively high vs other types of posts so you’re rewarded for helping Facebook keep its users/your audience engaged. It’s no secret that YouTube also is favoring live video in the search algo. […]

Artificial Intelligence Comes To Marketing

The future arrived faster than we—or at least I—thought it would. Check out Adgorithm’s Artificial Intelligence named Albert, billed as ‘the first Artificial Intelligence marketing platform for the enterprise’. At first I though that the main advantage it gives you is a (much) faster way to optimize your paid campaigns. But it also addresses targeting […]