Positive Adsense Experiment

by Tom Mullaly on November 7, 2005

Those of you running Adsense on your blog might find this interesting. Over the weekend, I decided to change the number of ads units on my blog based upon where the traffic is coming from. I have a small PHP function that checks to see if the referrer is a search engine, and if it is, I display and additional 2 ad units. My thoughts were that since 80% of my traffic is coming from search engines, I might as well throw a few extra ads at them. My thinking is that if they don’t find what they were looking for at my blog, maybe a Google ad could help them ;-)

The results have so far been very positive, with my Adsense revenue increasing by 284% on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

To see what my blog looks like from a search referal, do a Google search for Jim Rutherford and click on the top result.

My next step will be trying to remove ads for regular readers – chances are you probably don’t click on my ads anyhow!

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