Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

A former student asked me a few days ago how I learned Ruby on Rails. The answer was that I simply read alot of great tutorials. So in the spirit of sharing, here are the 12 tutorials that I found most useful:

  1. Rolling with Ruby on Rails – Curtis Hibbs of offers his first excellent introduction to Ruby on Rails. This is the article that got me really excited about RoR.
  2. 2. Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2 – The sequel to Curtis Hibbs excellent series of articles.
  3. 3. Four Days on Rails (PDF) – a great tutorial that is broken down into simple tasks that you can do over a four day period. To be quite honest, this tutorial only takes about 2 hours, but nonetheless it is very well organized!
  4. 4. Really Getting Started in Rails – Amy Hoy has a great tutorial that not only covers RoR, but also introduces the reader to many of the basic concepts of the very cool Ruby scripting language.
  5. Tutorial in Ruby on Rails – is a basic tutorial aimed at newbies.
  6. Fast-track your Web apps with Ruby on Rails – IBM jumps into the sandbox with an excellent (as usual) tutorial to get you on your feet fast.
  7. Getting Your Feet Wet With Ruby on Rails – Talking about getting on your feet fast, this one from Webmonkey promises to get them wet too!
  8. How to make a todo list program with Rails – Another excellent introductory tutorial that actually helps you build something useful!
  9. Ajax on Rails – Curtis Hibbs offers part 3 of his look at RoR
  10. Many to Many Tutorial for Rails (PDF) – is a nice document that begins to delve into some of the more complex parts of web application programming, but in fine Ruby on Rails manner, it’s really not too complicated!
  11. Distributing Rails Applications – A Tutorial – So now you’ve built your RoR application, how to you push it to a production server? This tutorial covers the bases.
  12. Installing Ruby on Rails with Lighttpd and MySQL on Fedora Core 4 – and of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a shameless bit of self-promotion, this tutorial promises what it says. Other install tutorials can be found here, here and here!

Hey, Ruby on Rails Fans!

UPDATE, JUNE 2009: Want more up-to-date tutorials on Ruby programming? OK, we heard you. By popular demand, Digital Media Minute has a brand new, maintained list of 11 12 more-recent tutorials on both Ruby the language and Rails the framework. Don’t miss it! New Ruby Programming Tutorial section.

Happy Rails developing and if you have any other tutorials that you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments!

168 thoughts on “Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

  1. Rails tutorials don’t work! Forget about them, i’ve tried at least 3. At best they give an insight on what this thing can do. I you are serious about it, buy the book instead. Read my blog for more info.

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  3. All the ruby on rails for apache docs are old or otherwise wrong. who knows.. and no one the fucking list can provide a straight answer for setting list up correctly under linux. It isnt rocket science.. why are they so apprehensive about releasing documentation that is available to the public?

    and whoever used the phrase “web 2.0” get a clue.. web 2.0 is imaginary bullshit buzz word that means nothing..

  4. Hey Jim, just wanted to thank you for this excellent references. I am using this as my blueprint to get started with Rails; bookmarked on my toolbar and eVerything =]

  5. Hi,
    Been looking into Ruby on Rails and have read quite a few articles ,looking into trying it for my website good will keep you all informed.

  6. This is a step-by-step walkthrough of David Heinemeier Hansson’s original demo of Rails at the FISL conference in Brazil, 2005. As far as i’ve seen this only exists in movie form, and as i’m a ruby/rails noob myself i found it very educational to pick it apart line by line, step by step, and analyse what’s going on.

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