Real Life As Twitter and Facebook

Life imitates Twitter and Facebook in this funny video. Surely we aren’t generally as pitiful as the poor fool in this comedic short by Nico Muhly, but to the extent that we look for validation based on the number of Twitter followers we have or Facebook friends, we might risk becoming so. I would suggest […]

Your Facebook, In A Book

The web has been so astoundingly great at letting us create, communicate and share information in ways that don’t require the physical media like magazines, newspapers and books that might formerly have been required to accomplish this. But the fact is that a lot of what we have created and shared online has such high […]

Firesheep: HTTP Session Hijacking For All

So here’s today’s holy-sh^t moment: the new Firesheep extension for Firefox that enables even your 4-year-old nephew to augment his income by blackmailing you after HTTP session hijacking via an open wireless network into your Facebook or Twitter accounts. The extension also identifies cookies from, Basecamp, Foursquare, Gowalla,, Cisco, CNET, Dropbox, Enom, Evernote, […]

The Personal Magazine

Tech innovation: if you are a consumer you love the seductive ways all the pieces keep getting re-combined into cool products and applications. If your company is profiting from the status quo you probably wonder if you’ll be made obsolete tomorrow. Here’s today’s gem of disruptive innovation: a ‘personal magazine’ in the form of the […]

Computer Farming Games

As the farms of the world become more efficient at squeezing food out of limited farmland and resources, there is one thing that they do not address sufficiently, and that is the apparent ‘need to farm’ that so many people have, if the success of FarmVille (and many other digital farming games btw) is any […]

Automated Facebook Pages

From, here’s a way to automate posting of content to your Facebook page to easily create daily events or posting updates as to whatever is relevant to you or your business each month, using the Facebook Java API. Website owners, especially of the business variety, are realizing that in addition to websites, their online […]

Facebook Shares

If you haven’t taken a look at this infographic regarding changes in default Facebook profile changes in the last five years, check it out. Done in processing.js by Matt McKeon, it’s a great example of where intuitive, compelling web-enabled hybrid media is going. And by the way, it’s a hugely important overview as to how […]

Facebook Decentralized

Facebook is launching a slew of new functionality that it hopes will transform it from a destination through which people connect into something akin to a public utility that powers interaction through ubiquity. With 400 million users, FB “partners” from CNN to the Washington Post and many more of the biggest names in media seem […]

Privacy Unclouded

For Eben Moglen, the price of Facebook and the cloud has been a loss of privacy and the effective demise of the 4th Amendment (guarding against unreasonable searches and seizures), respectively. He thinks that we can have the same ‘services’ and reclaim the privacy that we enjoyed before our tech led us to accept being […]