AIR Tip: Custom UI For NativeApplicationUpdater

If you work with Flex/AIR technologies you might be interested in this post by Adobe Systems Platform Evangelist Piotr Walczyszyn on building a custom UI for the NativeApplicationUpdater library. With code snippet. I hope that regular readers of Digital Media Minute who are programmers find value in pointer posts that we do to custom user […]

Flex 3 To Flex 4 Migration

Renaun Erickson has an excellent, detailed article on Flex 3 to Flex 4 migration using a example application, covering CSS, Spark components, customs skins, embedding fonts, etc. He includes the source code for the original Flex 3 application and converted Flex 4 app.  This is a very timely and well done Explanation of this migration […]

Localizing Flex Framework Components

DannyT documents, for others and for himself in the future as he says, how to get a flex framework localized. Provisions for this will be in the Flex4 SDK by default, but this tip still has value today. By the way this was the initial motivation for starting this website; when we spend time finding […]

Actionscript Editor

If you’re a Mac user and looking for better Actionscript Editors, here’s one developer’s opinion as to why IntelliJIDEA 9 is the way to go rather than Actionscript programming environments like TextMate or Flex/Flash Builder. I’ve been pretty happy with TextMate myself but I have to say that this article makes a pretty good case […]

Best Ways To Optimize Flex SWF

Here’s a concise little list of ways to optimize the size of your Flex applications to reduce memory consumption and improve overall performance of Flex apps, from the guys over at Here is an overview of just a few of the tips offered: Implement RSL in your Project – Runtime Shared Libraries Create SWC […]

Integrating Flex Into Portals

Here’s an excellent, detailed article from IBM’s developerWorks that tells you how to integrate Adobe Flex apps into portals, using an IBM WebSphere Portal portlet as an example. If you are an enterprise developer interested in combining Flex with WebSphere portal you might find it instructive. This is another example of the excellence of DeveloperWorks […]

Express Checkout With Flex And Adobe AIR

Paypal Express Checkout makes the checkout process a lot faster when you buy something using PayPal– the problem is that there are security implications if you want to use it in stateful apps. If you are lucky enough to have some knowledge of Flex, ActionScript 3, and PHP this article will guide you in integrating […]

Spell Checking For Adobe Air and Flash Player

Adobe has introduced a preview release of Squiggly, a spell checking engine for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Find the online demo here. You can add spell checking functionality in any Flex 3 based text control with the Squiggly library. This may seem like a small incremental step in adding functionality to potentially  loads […]

Model, View, Controller

When it comes to implementing MVC, Jon Campos really, really wants you to proceed according to best practices. Here’s his clear explanation of the Model (your data), the View (what is seen), and the Controller (methods & functions which move data back and forth between view and model). Can’t be too proud to review the […]

Flex and Paypal

Excellent Flex tutorial from Adobe Platform evangelist Miti Pricope on how to combine a Flex application running in Flash Player with PayPal Express Checkout. More than a tutorial, it’s a good little object lesson on things to consider in the planning stages of creating an app, ie security, appropriate architectural solutions and planning the UI. […]

Flex Background Colors

Here’s a Flex tip on changing default flex background colors: When you are using a different color background to the default one in Flex, there can be a slight delay when resizing the window for the new background color to catch up. Before it catches up, the old default color is displayed. To fix this […]

Learning Flex Builder 3

In June ’09 I did a post about Adobe having discontinued their offer of free Flex Builder 3 for developers who are currently unemployed– after accommodating 15,000 requests you probably couldn’t blame them! Anyway from Ben Forta comes word that Adobe has resumed this offer. If you’re unemployed and have thought about learning Flex Builder […]

Flex Performance

Over at the Flex Cookbook at, Greg Lafrance walks us through a little Flex Performance tip on improving the functioning of custom classes by returning early in setter functions. We haven’t done any Flex posts as of late which is a huge mistake(!) since it continues to be hugely popular despite the controversial attempts […]

Purchase Flex Builder

You can purchase Flex Builder at the Adobe Store via the banner (you’ll get no pressure from me), but for a while there was a way to get it free. Adobe affiliates could post a link that led to this, on the Adobe site: Adobe Flex Builder 3 software is currently available for free for […]

Ruby On Rails And Flex

As a way of illustrating how to connect a Flex RIA to a Ruby on Rails application using RubyAMF, Jon Campos at United Mindset has created a tutorial that I think is quite well done. What a timely and valuable article this is from Campos. With the exploding popularity of Ruby on Rails, learning how […]