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For many people Google has become synonymous with performing a search online using a search engine. When your company name becomes a verb, you can be fairly sure that you have achieved juggernaut status.

Google’s history is well known by now, the product of two brilliant Stanford PhD students who left school early and went on to become multi-billionaires. Started with the intention of organizing the world’s information-and with the motto ‘Don’t be evil’-along the way Google became the biggest advertising company in the world by far and essentially democratized the ease with which even small web publishers could reach potential customers for any product anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost. In recent years Google has attempted to move away from search as its primary business both organically and through acquisitions, and by now has a presence in everything from e-mail(GMail), online documents(Google Docs), video hosting (YouTube), and dozens of other nascent businesses that are now integral to the experience of the Web for the average person.

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