Google Database Application

It looks like Google is about ready to launch Google Base. In fact the site was up earlier, but was soon taken down. You can find a screenshot on Flickr. The text on the screenshot reads: Post your items on Google. Google Base is Google’s database into which you can add all types of content. […]

The Game Of Games

Robert Scoble waxes damn near poetic on 40 minutes worth of audio as he describes what he calls the ‘game of games’, which is the way that Facebook and Google will encourage us to increase our involvement with them, as they get to know us ever better. Google is building an ‘identity system’; it even […]

Google+ Basics

Robert Scobel has a pretty comprehensive set of tips on how to get the most out of Google+, culled from his own experience so far with it. Might be invaluable to pass along to friends and relatives who are less than tech- or social media savvy. A lot of people have been somewhat skeptical of […]

The Real Reason Google+ Is Rolling Out So Slowly

I think this is funny. Dave Besbris, Engineering Director of Google+ explains why they are so slow in giving out invites to G+: As Engineering Director of Google+, I wanted to take a moment to explain why we’re growing the system slowly. First, we want to make sure our infrastructure scales so the service remains […]

Amazing Android Device Activations Visualization

Ah data visualization, I love it. Here is an amazing time lapse video from Google of Android device activations in different regions of the world from October 2008 through January 2011. Check out the countdown timers before the Droid and Galaxy S launches, very cool!   A you watch and imagine all the places and […]

Mod_pagespeed Tutorial: Reduce Page Load Times

Whether you know it or not, if you have a website you’re interested in page load times, both to improve user experience for your readers and to avoid potentially getting dinged by Google. The amount of time it takes a page to load has a bearing on how well Google indexes the page, so if […]

Google Analytics In-Page Analytics

If you use Google Analytics as a source for stats about your site you probably wonder sometimes about more than just the information that it gives you, i.e. visits to a given page, time on the page, location of the visitor, etc. Here’s a good overview of a new feature in Google Analytics: in-page Analytics, […]

Chrome ‘Highlight To Search’ Extension

Here’s another small reason to install Chrome if you haven’t already, and something you’ll probably find useful if you have. This new extension for Chrome lets you do a search on any word on a page simply by highlighting it; no right-click, no copy/paste into a search box. A magnifier icon pops up and if […]

Touch Screen Mobiles Just Got A New Best Friend

Data input on mobile phones isn’t what it used to be, and now neither is touch typing. When typing on virtual touch screen keyboards was introduced some people thought it felt slower and more awkward than using a standard keyboard, even a tiny one, on a mobile phone. Swype is an attempt to improve virtual […]

Google Code University

Google Code University offers courses on the following subjects for free, and there’s no registration required either: Programming Languages, Web Programming, Web Security, Algorithms, Android, Distributed Systems, Tools 101, Google APIs & Tools. This is a terrific resource for a whole range of programming tools and general resources for almost anything a programmer or computer […]

Microsoft Innovation: Street Slide

There’s no other way to say it: when it come to street-level navigation, Microsoft’s Street Slide is a vast improvement over Google Maps. Microsoft needs to release this to the public pronto, period. Am I the only one who feels like clicking up and down the street with Google Maps in the ‘street view’ perspective […]

JavaScript Style Guide

Here’s a comprehensive bookmark-worthy guide to JavaScript from none other than Google, covering both language rules and style rules. I never tire of doing pointer posts to programming language guides  that aim to be comprehensive. As you’d imagine any guide to JavaScript that’s put out by the folks at Google is probably going to be […]

Google App Inventor

Google has been testing a tool-with schoolchildren-that will enable anyone to produce Android apps very easily. The video below gives just a hint of what Google App Inventor is, but it looks interesting, probably more interesting from a GUI design perspective than for the fact that I’ll be able to download the work of non-programmers […]

Understanding Google

If you produce content of any kind on the internet, chances are that visitors from Google are a relatively high percentage of your total visitors. For this reason it behooves you to be clear on how Google works, even if SEO isn’t your highest priority. A lot of the minutiae on the real inner workings […]

Chrome Extensions For Developers

As fast as Chrome is, the knock against it is still that is inferior to Firefox when it comes to the sheer number of extensions available for it. I don’t know how much longer we will have this reason to stick with Firefox to the exclusion of chrome (mind you plenty of people are running […]