Khan Academy Web App

One of the finest free education sites on the Internet now has a mobile webapp. If you aren’t aware of it, has over 1800 (!) video tutorials on subjects like pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, economics and finance, and a few other topics. Sal Khan is a great […]

Is Viber The VoIP Holy Grail?

Do we need another VoIP app? Nope. Do you want to at least take a look at the new free Viber app? Definitely. There is no login or registration, and it is always on and synced to your contacts list so the functionality feels no different than your current phone. As with Skype and other […]

Where The Jobs Are

Where the jobs are: Android. You probably read that Android is now the number one mobile OS in the US, and number two in the world. It can’t be a surprise that there has been an explosion in advertised Android jobs in the last year, but I’m surprised that demand is up 710% YoY, according […]

iPhone For The Blind

I’d say this is not an article from your average fanboy. It’s an honest review of iPhone for blind people and its accessibility features by blind iPhone user Austin Seraphin. An app called Color ID brings him to sincere reverie, and for me his account of it reads like a kind of sci-fi poetry. The […]

Broadcast Live Video With iPhone 4 Or 3GS, iPod Touch Or iPad

Though the resolution is only 320×240, apparently has finally got live video broadcasting from iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch or iPad done right, as advance word is that the video quality is really, really good. With for iPhone, you can save video to the device, and as you change locations the […]

Evolution Of Computers: The Big Differentiation

We have hard evidence now that so much of computer industry will be going away. Michael Dell and Steve Ballmer can’t just ‘make cool tablets’ because the integration that Apple has with apps and the app store is key. Android is the only competition. You formerly had to buy (into) so much complexity to do […]

Star Viewer iPhone And iPad App: Star Walk

There are so many quality applications available for mobile devices now, regardless of whether we’re talking about iPhone/iPad, Android, etc. that to comment on any of them condemns you to being incomplete: there are 1000 others that are just as impressive. With that disclaimer I’d be nuts not to review a few that are really […]

Mobile Development Tools

Digital Media Minute has been doing lots of posts on programming for iPad and building iPhone applications lately, but the mobile revolution is by no means limited to Apple products!  Well you are well aware of that anyway, but I think I have not been devoting enough digital space to resources for developers who are interested […]

Four Ways Of Recycling Electronic Scrap For Money

For a lot of people cash is getting harder to come by nowadays. Chances are you have a few items that you wouldn’t mind converting into money or gift cards, stuff you aren’t using anyway. But where to go? And, maybe it sounds like a lot of trouble to haul everything across town to trade […]

Your Shallower Brain

It stands to reason that an infinite supply of anything will serve to cheapen it in some way. It’s when we start to regard it as cheap is when things get interesting. On a day when a handheld device that might be more seductive than any other portable “attention magnet” yet known to man was […]

IPad Children’s Book Apps-The Curious Adventures Of Pickle Bob

You have probably heard how children’s books are a particularly strong seller in the App Store, with their possibilities for immersive artwork, audio and other interface features that are well beyond what books can offer. Writers aren’t the only people interested in creating books-as-apps for mobile platforms. It can’t be a surprise that a new […]

Faster Credit Card Payments Using IPhone

It’s clear that online payments are an area that must be improved on going forward, to facilitate faster and simpler e-commerce, especially for people who currently do not trust any form of online payments at all. The good news is that you’re hearing rumblings of many solutions for credit card payments online, and the potential […]

Building iPhone Apps

You might know my friend Dave as one of the guys behind Bob’s Picklepops, but I know him as the old buddy who just can’t stop talking about his brand-new iPad. He’s sifting through the net for good tools to get the Picklepop e-book into the app store quickly and cheaply as both an iPhone […]

Core Data Library

Here’s a beginners’ tutorial on the Core Data database library for iPhone storage by Ray Wenderlich. It’s part of a series of posts on developing iPhone applications; Wenderlich has an excellent, clear writing style. Everybody’s talking about straightforward application development for iPhone but I’ve been looking around the Internet for information on specific libraries and […]

Lost-iPhone Recovery

It’s Friday, and you are not going on a complementary flight to Munich via Lufthansa in business class. But Gray Powell, who gets so distracted by German beer that he left the next-gen iPhone in some kind of a Silicon Valley steinhaus, might be in for some free lost-iPhone recovery soon, courtesy of the sympathetic […]