Program Web Games With These Javascript Tools

If you’re a developer interested in expanding your game-programming toolbox, here’s a nice list of javascript game development tools, platforms and game engines from, with plenty of links to demos. This is one of the most comprehensive game development tool resources specific to JavaScript that I have ever seen. Chances are if you use […]

Web Design Tips On Interactivity and Animation

Smashing Magazine has a nice article on using animations and interactivity in your website design with instructions including code snippets for four very cool effects, using CSS3 transitions, animations with canvas and with SVG, and using HTML with JavaScript.  As far as we’ve come from building websites that feature predominantly text as a way of […]

10K Apart Challenge Contest Results: Tiny, Incredible Web Apps!

Wow: the 10K Apart Challenge was created by An Event Apart and MIX Online to showcase the possibilities of modern web standards, by asking for competitors to submit their most amazing web applications under 10 kilobytes. The winners are in and it’s worth your time to go check ’em out, there is some serious ingenuity […]

Update My Browser: Yet Another Reason Why

I like to feature examples of cool things made with new tech, as with the Wilderness Downtown video that we pointed Digital Media Media readers to a while ago, that was as much as anything an amazing HTML5 video demo. Check out this wacky site/web app called Rumpetroll, created with HTML5 Canvas, WebSockets, CSS and […]

JavaScript Security With Forge

Take a look at this article in two parts from Digital Bazaar, on Forge, their open source JavaScript Transport Layer Security (TLS) client implementation, that lets you access your home computer using only JavaScript and Flash. Part one is a lucid explanation for laymen as to why this is valuable and part two gets into […]

John Resig Talks jQuery

Improving the accessibility and performance of your JavaScript code, making it simpler and the design process easier: John Resig addresses these issues as specific to jQuery, and as general challenges you face in creating web apps. There wouldn’t be any greater authority to talk about jQuery than John Resig, and if you are creating web applications […]

Comparing Webkits

Peter-Paul Koch, who is quite a character, gives us a pretty darn thorough comparison of 14 (soon 22) different WebKits by way of tests of CSS and JavaScript items. The tests focus solely on compatibility as opposed to user interface or performance. As WebKits proliferate it’s helpful to have an article that attempts to run […]

JavaScript Style Guide

Here’s a comprehensive bookmark-worthy guide to JavaScript from none other than Google, covering both language rules and style rules. I never tire of doing pointer posts to programming language guides  that aim to be comprehensive. As you’d imagine any guide to JavaScript that’s put out by the folks at Google is probably going to be […]

HTML5 Canvas For Music Notation

Mohit Muthanna shares his efforts in creating a JavaScript API for reproducing musical notation right in a browser using the HTML5 Canvas element. Beautifully done. We are now seeing lots of galleries and other examples of what can be done with HTML5 and so far you have to be impressed with  the efforts of people […]

Method Queue Chaining In JavaScript, Asynchronously

Chaining in JavaScript is accomplished by returning references to the same objects between linked methods. Dustin Diaz has a useful articleon asynchronous queueing of a chain of methods, which enables linking together of functions independent of callbacks. I try not to shy away from what I think of as more advanced JavaScript tips on this […]

HTML5 Video Fun

Sean Christmann has been playing around with HTML5 video and canvas tags, specifically getting creative with the Canvas.drawImage() api call. Exploding video and 3D video–very cool!  I realize that in the last few months we’ve done quite a few posts on some of the HTML 5 brilliance that is popping up all over the web […]

Flash Vs JavaScript and Canvas

Mojombo (Tom Preston-Werner) rewrote Network Graph in JavaScript and Canvas over the course of about four days, and tells us his thoughts on doing a Flash-to-Canvas conversion. It is by no means a Flash bashing; he calls Flash clearly more refined in some ways. It is just one man’s opinion on where where Canvas/JavaScript is […]

MooTools Tips

Over at David Walsh has a long article comprised of fifteen highly-detailed tips for optimizing your MooTools JavaScript framework code. There are just a few of the tips that Walsh gives us an in-depth explanation of: Use jQuery and MooTools together Save elements and element collections Use element methods on element collections use MooTools […]

Javascript Grid Component Review

After an entertaining introduction Roberto Bicchierai gives us a pretty comprehensive review of available JavaScript grid components. He divides the list of JavaScript grid editor into: data-driven, light editing implementations emphasizing “editing agility”, and JavaScript Excel spreadsheet clones. I love it when I come across well-written articles created by programmers who not only have excellent […]

Etherpad Installation

Recently bought by Google and open sourced, Etherpad is a web-based word processor that allows real-time collaboration. Nuba over at has a nice article on installing it and getting your own Ether­pad instance up and run­ning. It is exciting to think what Google is probably going to turn this functionality into–just speculation for now […]