Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

A former student asked me a few days ago how I learned Ruby on Rails. The answer was that I simply read alot of great tutorials. So in the spirit of sharing, here are the 12 tutorials that I found most useful: Rolling with Ruby on Rails – Curtis Hibbs of offers his first […]

Learning Ruby

If someone you know is looking for a starting point to learn programming generally or Ruby specifically, here’s a great place to point them. Hackety Hack will help them learn to create web and desktop applications using Ruby and a set of GUI tools called Shoes. Especially if one is new to programming and graphic […]

Ruby on Rails Freelancers

If you are a Ruby on Rails hotshot, chances are you have thought about becoming a freelancer. Here’s a starting point for you: a comprehensive article that’s part pep talk, part Ruby tools listing and ending with advice on how to find clients and get started getting jobs for yourself. By the way, if you […]

Improving Ruby On Rails Performance

From the excellent developerWorks series by IBM, David Berube has a new article about speeding up Ruby on Rails, from detecting issues with performance to an explanation of the N+1 query problem, solutions to nested eager-loading and indirect eager-loading, performing grouping calculations correctly and touching on Custom SQL with Rails. Digital Media Minute was one […]

Ruby VM’s in 2010

Hers’s an outstanding, very detailed article on where Ruby VM’s are going in 2010 as their development accelerates and makes the language much more broadly available, by Ilya Grigorik at He calls it a renaissance, and I don’t think I’d disagree. A nice “here’s where we are now” review of eight different Ruby VM’s: […]

Ruby On Rails Tips

I found a short list of particularly interesting ruby on rails tips over at– worth a look for you ror fans. Check out the one from our old friend ‘why the lucky stiff’: a hack that lets you compile Ruby code into Python bytecode, and then back into Python code. While we’re at it, […]

Ruby Callbacks

A good tip regarding Ruby callbacks happening out of order, and on keeping your head on straight when you are debugging code, from Michael Harrison. Something is happening outside the scope of the way you’re framing the problem in your head; ‘reframing’ is uncomfortable, but you will get there. I really love this kind of […]

Ruby Cheat Sheet

In our Ruby programming tutorials post from last week, there is one piece of real excellence that I left out because it’s more of a Ruby cheat sheat or quickref, by Ryan Davis at Zen Spider Software. Between this and the one by Blaine Kendall, you’ve got a couple more solid reference tools for getting […]

Ruby Programming Tutorial

Ruby on Rails continues to be very popular, and for someone getting started a good Ruby programming tutorial might be the difference between spinning one’s wheels and understanding Ruby quickly. Digital Media Minute did a well-received post on Ruby on Rails Tutorials a while ago, and as RoR has evolved to become quite complex over […]

Rails Counter_Cache

The Rails counter_cache option caches the number of objects in a relationship in the associated class’s table, and incrementing/decrementing the number as necessary. Fewer SQL queries and the prevention of unnecessary object instantiation results in faster performance, and as always, speed is critical. Corey Ehmke at Idolhands has a nice article on making sure your […]

Ruby On Rails And Flex

As a way of illustrating how to connect a Flex RIA to a Ruby on Rails application using RubyAMF, Jon Campos at United Mindset has created a tutorial that I think is quite well done. What a timely and valuable article this is from Campos. With the exploding popularity of Ruby on Rails, learning how […]

Rails Auto_Link

Here is a good little Ruby on Rails tip from Satya over at If you are using the auto_link helper and you have a URL that ends in a query string, with a slash in the string, like this: …/end?tag=/mom auto_link will not recognize the slash as part of the link and will end the link […]

Ruby On Rails Windows

Seven Resume-Transforming Tutorials For Installing Rails on a Windows Machine Thinking about exploring Ruby on Rails on a Windows computer, but haven’t taken the plunge because you were afraid installation would turn into a time-sink? Digital Media Minute did a post on Ruby on Rails Development Environment for Windows a while back, but with the […]


Heroku Garden is a provides a web-based code editor integrated with a Rails hosting platform. It a perfect learning environment to begin your journey with Ruby on Rails. Check out their great list of features.  If you’re not already familiar with it you may have heard all the illusions to it from other writers on […]

What’s the Secret Sauce in Ruby on Rails?

IBM developerWorks has a nice article that answers the question of What’s the secret sauce in Ruby on Rails?  Although almost a year old, I think the article does a nice job of explaining why Rails has become so popular in such a short period of time. Having recently jumped back into Rails, many of […]