How Writing Every Day Changes Your Life–And Your Financial Situation

Three Reasons My Goal Is To Write 1001 Words A Day For a long time now I have had a goal to write 1001 words every day. Anyone can do 1000. I don’t always hit that arbitrary number but I’m convinced that by setting it as a specific daily goal I am setting myself up […]

Check Your App Permissions Easily

As time goes on you’re aware that you’ve given permission to various apps to access information tied to online accounts you have with services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Linked In, Instagram and Flickr, and possibly others. If you’re like me you can name only a few applications for which you have registered […]

Net Sharing Accelerates-Here’s Proof

It’s getting faster to share things on the net, which can only benefit you by freeing up time to update your Facebook profile. Incremental improvements to an action you do frequently add up to real time savings, and I ran across two impressive examples of improved net-sharing functionality today: Photorocket will make sharing photographs on […]

Firesheep Redux: Extension Wars

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post on the Firefox extension Firesheep, which offers a very simple way to access user logins for various social networks on an open Wifi network. There’s a huge amount of attention focused on this interesting FF extension, and rightly so. Techcrunch has a pointer to a method of protecting yourself […]

Alexis Ohanian’s Reddit Story

You know the place that something like Reddit has in your life; do you ever wonder about the context in which a successful web presence was created? Alexis Ohanian shares his story, and I’m thinking they made a movie about the wrong social media site. Seriously, there’s probably more drama on a personal level in […]

How To Go Viral

Among other things, Jonah Peretti is a founder of BuzzFeed and Huffington Post. Like a performance artist who uses the Internet as his medium, Peretti is simultaneously working with larger themes, and not just commercial ones. He’s a graduate of the MIT Media Lab, and projects like the Nike sweatshop e-mails are usually hilarious but […]

Digital Government

The title of the NYT article is “Digital Diplomacy”, but it’s really about how Twitter, etc. is completely changing the way the US government gets its message out, and how right now simply increasing dialogue and engaging constituents-of either party-through technology is as vital as the specific message. “A lot of the 21st-century dynamics are […]

Facebook Decentralized

Facebook is launching a slew of new functionality that it hopes will transform it from a destination through which people connect into something akin to a public utility that powers interaction through ubiquity. With 400 million users, FB “partners” from CNN to the Washington Post and many more of the biggest names in media seem […]

Google Wave: The Rewindable Thread

Here is a succinct little explanation (2:15) of “3.5%” of Google Wave from, just enough to get you excited if you have no familiarity with it yet. Among other things, Email threads on complex topics involving many participants, some of whom join the thread well after it is initiated, are about to become much […]

Twitter Stream Curation Code For Live Events

We’ve written about the potential role of Twitter in live events of the future. Now the tool created to curate the Twitter stream at the Guardian’s recent Activate Summit has been open sourced . How handy will this be for your employer’s Christmas party this year? Interesting account here of the lessons learned at their […]

Twitter: Help For The Overwhelmed

Someone said that part of Twitter’s success is the ‘ambient intimacy‘ that it conveys. If you find yourself drowning in all that ambience, you might try Twitter For Busy People. Magnificent simplicity. Up to 500 people you follow are represented as thumbnails on a single page; hover over a thumbnail and you see their latest […]

Your Twitter Economy

How does a semi-famous musician make 19 grand while drinking wine in a kimono and making no music at all? From Amanda Palmer’s blog: we hung out for two hours, came up with a list of things that the government should do for us, created a t-shirt (thank god sean was awake and being a […]

Twitter Feedback Loops

Will Twitter feedback loops affect live events in the future? Audience feedback hasn’t evolved a whole lot from the clapping/whistling/screaming that I imagine used to occur when the hunters returned to the cave with a T-Rex or whatever else they were able to subdue. Oh sure, there was a great leap forward when the um, […]

Follow These Developers on Twitter

Here’s a nice list of 20 well-know developers for you to follow on Twitter, for tips, ideas, glimpses of the future, etc. While you’re at it, you can follow Digital Media Minute too!  So I have an idea for a helpful website: just as just lists of “thought leaders” on web developers is helpful for […]

Tweet That Pour!

Is it me, or has the ancient, honorable pastime of beer drinking been sadly neglected as Twitter has become intertwined with all human activity? Sure, you can tweet that Paris Hilton seems to be giving you the eye from across the bar, or complain via Twitter that mom refuses to give you money for going […]