Setting up a SFTP Server on Windows

I recently had to create an SFTP server on our work development system, and after doing a fair bit of Googling on the topic found a good solution. The solution is a combination of research done at different sites. It is this solution I am sharing in hopes that it will help someone else. This […]

How To Keep Your Computer Secure While It’s Unattended

Here’s a very cool solution for Windows users to avoid having to log out every time they leave their computer for a few minutes. Predator is free software you can install onto a USB drive that disables your keyboard and mouse and darkens your screen when you remove it. Upon your return, simply reinsert the […]

Easy Auto-Install All The Software You Need

Getting a new PC is great but oh the tedium of installing all the web browsers, messaging and media apps, utilities, developer tools, imaging and document software as well as security software, file sharing, etc., required by today’s modern computer user. Well, ever heard of Ninite? Simply click the apps you want from each of […]

Run Single Windows Applications On Your Mac With Wine Bottler

I’d heard of the free application WineBottler, but never got around to taking a look at it. Over at, Joshua Johnson has a fast explanation/tutorial on how to use WineBottler to run single Windows applications on your Mac (Internet Explorer would come to to mind if you are a web developer) without having to […]

Dynamic Windows

Need to look out a window at a nice view for a little perspective? Got no window? Got a building blocking your view? Winscape is the best view simulation for a dynamic window that I have seen. Winscape software, two plasma screen TVs and ‘scenery movies’ form the basis for this system, which you can […]

Vim For Windows

Excellent overview of ways to make the powerful Vim text editor more friendly for developers. One suggestion is that, instead of running Vim in a terminal window, you might want to run it in a graphical shell, ie the GUI version of Vim for Windows and Linux, GVim. This Vim article is from, which […]

Ruby On Rails Windows

Seven Resume-Transforming Tutorials For Installing Rails on a Windows Machine Thinking about exploring Ruby on Rails on a Windows computer, but haven’t taken the plunge because you were afraid installation would turn into a time-sink? Digital Media Minute did a post on Ruby on Rails Development Environment for Windows a while back, but with the […]

Hide Partition

Your little brother has been snooping around on your PC: you can tell because the keys are getting sticky. What to do? Well, instead of running to tell Mom, what you should be thinking is: Hide Drive! Hide Partition! Just put those long letters to the pretty cafeteria lady on a different drive and hide […]

Extract Multiple Zip Files

Here’s a little piece of help. If you find yourself having to extract multiple zip files frequently, you’d be well-served giving ExtractNow a shot. It’s not new but I found helpful for a recent task, and it worked as advertised. Simple to use, and supports ZIP, RAR and other compression formats. I am always on […]

What Essential Windows Software Do You Recommend?

So I’ve started a new job today (will blog about that later) and my new employer has just sent me a brand new Windows laptop, and that means immediately getting to the task of loading it up with necessary developer tools so that I can get up to speed with the new hardware but also […]

WOW – New Parallels Feature Runs Windows Apps in OSX

My favorite new feature in the latest Parallels beta is coherence mode. Easiest way to explain this is to show it: [Click image for larger view] In a nutshell, coherence mode lets you view a Windows application directly in the host (OSX) operating system. It’s a very cool feature that lets you access your Windows […]

Why doesn’t Linux need defragmenting?

Why doesn’t Linux need defragmenting? is one of the better explanations of the inner workings of the Windows and Linux filesystems. It is a quick but interesting read, where the author challenges himself to give a non-technical, relatively simple answer to the question as to why certain filesystems are afflicted with fragmentation more than others […]

Boot Camp 1.1 Released

Apple’s Boot Camp has just been updated to version 1.1. This release offers the following killer features: Support for the latest Intel-based Macintosh computers Easier partitioning using presets for popular sizes Ability to install Windows XP on any internal disk iSight camera support Support for built-in microphones Right-click when pressing the right-hand Apple key on […]

Boot Camp or Parallels?

The Notbook Review has a very thourough review of both methods for running Windows on a Mac which has OS X installed, called Boot Camp or Parallels ? The article aims to give you enough information to determing which way is the best way for you to proceed. This is one of the most-asked questions on a lot […]

Windows Vista Beta 2 Available to Public

The general public can now get their hands on Windows Vista Beta 2! I haven’t really been too excited with this version given all the slips in shipping dates. I will download this and install it under either the free VMWare Server or Parallels to check out what Microsoft’s new OS has to offer. You will […]